‘Yes, It’s Possible’: College presidents say affordable higher education is within reach

October 1, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

What we’re gonna be doing on stage today…
well our topic is affordable college education. There are a lot of
scholarships, grants and loans from the state and from the federal government. So
who still cannot afford a college education in Washington State?
Part of what we’re out here trying to do is make sure that folks understand that
you can afford a higher education here. Our job is to make sure that we can come
up with a financially viable way for Washington families to send their sons
and daughters to our two universities. And we even had some surprise here about
the tuition that some people even in this room were surprised it wasn’t as
much as they might have thought it would be. There are plenty of students that are
graduating from high school that are talented that are ready to come to our
institutions that just are assuming that we’re not for them and we are.