October 3, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– [Brian] Tell me about you. You have daily habits? I
know you travel all the time, but you have something
you do every single day to keep your brain right,
to keep yourself grounded. Do you meditate, training, diet. What is it? A positive way of thinking? – [Tim] I mean, I’m on
a mission every day. I wake up, I bounce out of bed again, it’s not about how much money I can make. It’s how can I best utilise
my day with this amazing opportunity that we have with technology, whether it’s teaching, or
charity, or if I’m in a city, I’m trying out , the best restaurants. I’m trying to see what
I can do in the city. I’m here in London with you. This is fantastic. I’m meeting up with a whole
bunch of more people in London in the next few days. I’m not going to come
back to London for a while because it’s too damn cold
here even in the summer. I’m trying to just keep up
with this kind of crazy life that I’ve created for myself. – [Brian] You love it? – [Tim] I absolutely love it. – [Brian] If I had to stick
you on a mountain somewhere in the middle of the Himalayas, could you handle it for
a month on your own? – [Tim] Is there service? – [Brian] No. – [Tim] Whoa, there’s no service? – [Brian] Yes. – [Tim] It’s one of those
monasteries where you can’t talk, you can’t look at people? – [Brian] Yes. What if you
had no information streaming? – [Tim] I mean I could do it. I would just take like
mental notes of a book that I want to write. I mean, I would be preparing
for something else. Maybe I would enjoy it for a little bit. I would go hiking and enjoy nature. I would try to make the best of it. – [Brian] But you like
being tapped into the info. – [Tim] Yes. – [Brian] Whether it’s a stop price or social media, or a charity project. – [Tim] Listen, machines
are probably going to kill us in a few decades. We need to make life the best possible whether we kill our planet,
or the machines kill us, we’re probably going to
die in a few decades. We need to maximise our
lives like right now before it all explodes. – [Brian] Are machines going to kill us? – [Tim] Possibly. – [ Brian] Okay. – [Tim] Probably Netflix. It’s probably something that we all use and we’re tapped in. Netflix is going to come
out with more and more stuff and it’d be like before it was
DVDs delivered to your door, and now it’s streaming and
then eventually it’ll be tapped into your brain and then
it’ll have everybody. Amazon, Netflix. Tesla,
one of these companies not Ilan Musk, he’s anti AI so he’s good. – [Brian] Yes, maybe Netflix
is killing us right now because it’s trying everyone’s brain into muck. – [Tim] I mean, anything could happen. We just have to maximise it
and we need to get educated. I think education is the
potential cure for our planet to try to fend off the
machines in the future. We have a lot of bad tendencies
and a lot of dangerous things on the horizon and
a lot of uneducated people. Not even penny stock promoters versus financially naive people . Most people are not prepared
for penny stock promoters. If a penny stock promoter
comes to you with an email or a phone call, you don’t
know that much about the stock market. You don’t know much about anything so you just believe they’re marketing. This the same thing with education. The world is changing faster, and we’re unprepared with education. The cool thing is, we have this tool that we’ve somehow
created or stumbled upon, where we can get mass
education all at once and that’s what it’s kind of like a race. Are we going to destroy ourselves, are were going to get educated? Are you going to live a good life or are you going to
just live a crappy life? The choice is ours. We just need to get in the right mood, get in tune with what’s going on and take advantage of it. Most people aren’t doing it. People might watch your
shows for a little bit and they’re like, wow, this is really cool but then by like, minute
15, they’re like, oh, New Game of Thrones is on so I need to like live the fantasy. Look at the top rated movies and TV shows all fantasy, right? Marvel, all the superheroes. It’s another world, Game of Thrones is another world. What’s wrong with our world? What if we change our
addiction to learning about what’s actually happening in our world? I believe it can happen because frankly like education has propelled
my life, my family’s life, my top students lives is
because I’m focused on what can we achieve in this lifetime? Life is only getting longer. Do you believe in the singularity? – [Brian] I know of it. I’ve had Jason Silva in here a few times and I know about it. I mean, I guess it’s going
to happen at some point. – [Tim] 2045 2047, I don’t think you can
predict the exact thing, but I do think that modern medicine and technology is increasing
faster than most of us realise. We’re going to have more time. I wouldn’t be surprised if
the average age is 100 or 150 in a few years like cancer
probably will be cured. – [Brian] Yes, just wonder if we can walk around at that point. Look, I think YouTube is a
fascinating piece technology. I’ve always said we don’t
really understand what it is, but it is the most exciting, educational platform we’ve ever seen. It can be used to learn
exponentially as you said if we just decide to embrace it and not watch Game of Thrones. – [Tim] I love Game of Thrones. – [Brian] I do too. Yes. But I mean like, that’s why
we love long form content because I feel like you
can get a nuanced mass. I had Jordan Peterson in
here, who said, Brian, we’re realising with long form
content that people aren’t as stupid as we thought they were . – [Tim] Yes. – [Brian] People of all walks of life- – [Tim] You just need
to give them a chance. – [Brian] Yes, they want to
understand complicated things and have nuanced discussions
about philosophy, about life, about everything. We got to give them a chance
and give them a platform. (music)