What Is That?! Kids Get Schooled in Mississippi | Clintus.tv

October 14, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– What’s up guys?
Welcome to Mississippi. We’re here at the Cypress
Swamp Walk just outside of Jackson, Mississippi
getting ready to explore. Getting with some nature.
Right? Nature, we all love nature and
today’s video is sponsored by the awesome folks
at Visit Mississippi. If you go to
VisitMississippi.org you can plan an entire trip
here in Mississippi. All kinds of cool things to do,
things to see, food, drinks, you name it,
they’ve got it. There’ll be a link in the
description down below but I’m really excited
to go exploring. I love nature.
– Let’s go explore. – [Clintus] Sierra’s
already found a bug. – [Tiffany] Sierra
has a bug in her hand. – [Clintus] What is that?
An isopod? – [Bryce] Roly Poly.
– [Clintus] Potato bug. – [Sierra] Roly Poly. – [Clintus] Roly Poly,
they have all kinds of names. – [Sierra] What do I call it?
– [Clintus] All kinds of names. We’re gonna go see if we can
find some alligators and a snake for Mom.
– No. – [Clintus] So
we just rolled up, we were greeted with this sign. It kinda gives a
little bit of history, little bit of what
we’re looking at here. And look at this.
It is beautiful. The sounds, the smells. You can see the
water down there. “You’re entering
a realm of trees, “water, and reflections. “Its subtle beauty and
peaceful setting.” Peaceful? What? That’s not peaceful.
(car motor running) (light music) Alright, we’re
at our next destination. We’re at the Museum
of Mississippi History. Civil Rights.
– [Sierra] Yep. – Right behind us.
It’s a beautiful building. Look at that building.
It’s beautiful. Excited to go in there. It is super bright out here and
it’s getting a little toasty so we’re gonna make
our way inside the AC. – [Morgan Freeman] Cotton crops. Clearcutting decimated the
natural environment and in 1927 it rained for months. (electronic music) – So this like a little thing
where the cannon is and then it shows you how each
different type of cannon, how far it shoots
with a little marble. So just the gun. So it barely gets
over the mountain. The Howitzer.
– [Clintus] Howitzer. – [Sierra] Farther, farther,
it hits the wall. – [Bryce] And then the motor.
– [Clintus] Mortar. – [Bryce] It goes higher
but it doesn’t go as far. – [Clintus] Nice. (electronic music) Alright, we’re
gonna mail a postcard. – [Bryce] Do I write
it right here? – [Tiffany] That’s the address.
– [Bryce] Oh. – [Tiffany] This is
where you write your note. – [Bryce] I’ll just say– – [Clintus] You gonna
write a message to Mason? – [Bryce] Yeah.
– [Clintus] Send it to Mason. – [Bryce] I’m gonna say
“Hello from Mississippi.” – [Clintus] There you go.
– [Tiffany] From the museum. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah,
yeah, from the museum. – How long will it
take for them to get it? – [Clintus] Couple days. Alright, so
here’s the postcards. You’re gonna send
one to who, Bryce? – Mason.
– [Clintus] Mason. – [Bryce] The Bevos. – [Clintus] The
Bevos and Sierra? – Memaw and Papa.
– [Clintus] Memaw and Papa. – [Bryce] Slide it in?
– [Clintus] Slide it in there. And they’ll get it in a few days. – Why is the TV
inside and not on top? – [Clintus] So that, son,
is what TV used to be. That is a TV. We used to have TVs that big. – All the wood
things on the outside. – [Clintus] Yeah.
– Why is it that extra? – [Clintus] That’s what held it. That’s what held the TV. You would buy a TV that size. I had TVs that big. With buttons on
the side or knobs. You click a knob. Click, click, click,
click to change the channel. – ‘Cause I thought– – [Clintus] Imagine
only having five channels. Ten channels. Something tells me that
camera doesn’t take video. Cassette tapes, Walk-Man. (rock music) (kids clapping along) Alright guys, so we wrapped
up our time at the Museum. It was a lot of fun. Learned a lot of stuff. I didn’t really know
much about Mississippi. Obviously, it is the Museum
of Mississippi History so we learned a lot about
the history, about the war, about the slavery. Mississippi played a
big part in the Civial War. So what’s one thing you really
enjoyed at the museum today? – I liked all the
interactive stuff. There was a lot of little
stations where you could look into stuff or do stuff. So there was felt you can make
your own flag with or own quilt. And then there was the cannon
thing that we showed you guys with the buttons where
you could see the cannon. – The different styles of
cannons and how they shoot. – Yeah. And that big tablet. I was playing
with that for a while. That was cool.
– Right, right. – Yeah.
– How about you? – I liked the first part when
you could see the old tools. – Oh yeah. – And then you press the button
and it shows the background and you could see the tools. There was a bow and arrow,
it was like super tall. – They showed the old one
and then you saw the new one. – The modern day one. – And now it’s like metal.
– Right, right. – Super sharp. – Yeah, like I said, I just
thought it was cool all the history we learned and just
little things we just didn’t know about either ’cause we didn’t learn it in school
or forgot. One of the two. But lot of good stuff.
Lot of good stuff. So once again, big
shoutout to Visit Mississippi at VisitMississippi.org
for sending us out and having us
experience the Museum. Stay tuned though,
we are not done yet. We are traveling to Hattiesburg,
Mississippi next for another day of fun filled adventure. So stay tuned and see you then. Bye. (hip hop music)