What is a Liberal Arts Education?

October 21, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

I’m majoring in English. No, I don’t want to be a teacher. Actually, it’s a liberal arts degree, so
I’ll have plenty of career options. Yes, you should check it out. OK, talk to you later. There are a lot of misconceptions about a
liberal arts degree. This, for instance, is not liberal arts. Nope, not this either. Liberal arts education remains as relevant
to today’s job market as ever. Perhaps even more so as workplaces evolve
with technology. So what do we mean by liberal arts?’ Think of it as a holistic approach to education. While you major in a specific subject, a liberal
arts education means you’re also learning foundational knowledge across many subject
areas. During your educational journey, you’ll
be exposed to new ideas and subjects that might just spark lifelong hobbies and interests
like theatre or astronomy or computer programming. Just as important, you’ll gain the skills
employers look for in candidates. Like communication skills. During your liberal arts coursework, you’ll
have opportunities to participate in class discussions, present your work and talk to
faculty and classmates, allowing you to polish your speaking skills. Which is good, because business executives
and hiring managers rank oral communication as the most valued skill they consider when
hiring. You’ll also have opportunities to think
critically about subject matter, analyze situations and solve problems. These are also skills employers want. When you’re equipped with a liberal arts
degree, you’ll be a well-rounded strong communicator with good problem-solving skills. You’ll be a team player and a self-starter. These are all traits that can get you hired. And those actually doing the hiring just might
be liberal arts graduates themselves. The CEOs of companies such as Starbucks, HBO,
Whole Foods, Chipotle and even YouTube are all liberal arts graduates. So where can you work with a liberal arts
degree? Pretty much anywhere. Marketing and advertising, human resources,
IT or healthcare. Liberal arts majors make great business owners,
managers, non-profit directors, investigators, designers and, yes, teachers. At Columbia College, we offer more than 30
degree programs grounded in liberal arts. Take classes online, on campus or at a learning
venue near you. Visit CCIS.edu to learn more.