September 6, 2019 100 By Ronny Jaskolski

[INTRO] You know what I love? People who say: “It’s YOUR job to educate me” Becuase of the work I do and becuase of the
fact that I’m litereally an intersectionality salad, people constantly are telling me that
it’s MY job to educate them. And I had this realization the other day…. Jobs are paid I don’t remember filling out a W2 Does this job come with benefits cuz I’m definintely
in need for some dental and optical How long is our lunch break? Do ya’ll do direct deposit? What’s the dress code? Ya’ll mind if I dye my hair fire engine red and by dye I mean get some those red kanekelon packs when I’m redoing my twists? I am so sorry, but I don’t remember getting a check from you! This video is inspired by someone who was catching me in the midst of an argument about racism who told me that instead of being upset that I should just calm down and educate them. That’s my job, afterall. It is so exhausting to do the kind of work
that I do and to be constantly told over and over again that I need to educate people. Listen, I am very polite and I am very patient and when I get into these conversations with people especially about racism, I tend to respond with education. So if you ever see me cussing someone out, you know they tried my very last nerve. my VERY last nerve. I is so demeaning and dehumanizing of me to
explain to people of privilege why people like them have historically and currently
oppressed people like me. And the act of you pressure me into explaining to you why i’m valid as a Black woman of trans experience, is dehumanizing. As a black person, racism will likely always
be a part of my life. The history of racism is something that I’ve
taken the time to understand and educate myself about. There’s a reason why you feel like you CAN demand that I educate you as opposed to simply looking it up. And that’s what gets me! People are always telling me that I need to educate them, meanwhile, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I literally devote hundreds of hours into researching, writing, editing, and filming educational videos for youtube, yet i’m still told that if I really wanna, but I’m constantly told if I want to have a progressive conversation that I need to calm down and educate people. And let’s be real, they dont want to be educated. You looked at my skin tone or my gender and
assumed that I was just too lazy to put that work in. And that frustrates the hell out of me because
that’s a stereotype that I fight against both inside and outside of this conversation. Feeling like you are entitled to first hand
accounts about the abuse that I’ve expereinced as a minority in this country reeks privilege. If I wanted to learn how oil paint, I’m going
to go to the library, and check out a book and read up on it. I’m going to seek out the information because
I actually WANT to understand it and I’m invested in understanding it. And if after doing my own investigation, and
understanding the basics, maybe then I’ll go to a professional and ask them for some advice. But if they dont want to give me that advice,
I’m not going to tell them that it’s their JOB to do so. Sure, they could take some time out of their
schedule and help me understand something, but they’re not obligated to And if they do take the time out of their
schedule to explain something to me, I’m going to be appreciative I’m going to be beyond thankful because taking the time to personally educate me required them to take a moment away from what they were doing to focus on what I was asking. In the age of information, ignorance is a
choice. If you wanna know about almost anything, you
can find the answer online. If you got to this video, you could easily
get to the other videos where i break down misogyny, transphobia, racism, etc. It’s there for you, take advantage of it. I create content because I believe that having
these conversations is productive, but I don’t NEED to have them. Having them is very personally taxing and
sometimes I just dont want to talk about it. Have you ever had someone demand that you
educate them about a personal struggle you experience? How did you respond? Let me know in the comment box below. Anyways, whether you get it or you dont, always
remember and never forget that
you are beautiful and you are loved. Bye!