Welcome to Public Education in Western Australia

September 30, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

We’re proud of the world of
opportunities we offer the youngest learners through to the most senior
school students. Welcome to public education in Western Australia. Our state is unique and vast. We’re 11 times larger than Victoria, we have a diverse
population rich in backgrounds, cultures and languages and new families arriving
to take up the many opportunities here. We have schools in communities across
our state in bustling city and regional centres and in some of the most remote
parts of the world. Comprehensive schools, selective schools and education support
schools. As our population grows and the demand for public school places
continues to increase we’re building new schools and developing state-of-the-art
facilities for children to learn in. Modern schools using the latest and
emerging technologies. There is nothing more caring than to help a child
achieve their very best, preparing them for success in later life. We provide a
high quality education that opens doors of opportunity for all students. We
provide individual programs for students who are academically gifted, students
with special learning needs, those with a flair for the arts or a passion for
sports, and those from vulnerable communities. Programs that prepare
students with the skills understandings and values to reach their full academic
and personal potential and contribute to society. As the largest public sector
employer in the State, our peoples are our most valuable asset, coming from
different backgrounds they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to
our schools. They’re always ready for new possibilities to enrich classroom
learning, they are leaders in educational innovation and reform sharing their
expertise and experiences. Our top priority is for every student to be
successful and our people go to great lengths to raise
standards of student achievement. Entwining a culture of high performance
with a culture of high care enables us to achieve the highest educational
outcomes. A good education opens doors of opportunity and we expect those doors to
be open to all. As we look to the future we understand that children and young
people are precious and must be nurtured to grow and develop. A strong public
education system is the cornerstone of every successful society. Our commitment is for every child to have a high-quality education, whatever their
ability, wherever they live, whatever their background. We make a real
difference to the communities we serve across Western Australia.