Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 7

March 10, 2020 0 By Ronny Jaskolski *The Daily Dean Intro* Sup Deansters! It’s me again, Games Dean! “ooooh Yeah!” Big news today! Bryan D did totally challenge me and my friends to a match. he came in like “huh huh, what!?” And I was all like: what? So we were beating him up, ’till Jenny comes outta nowhere all like: “Oh don’t hurt Brian!” I’m like: what?
She’s like: “Don’t!” Yeah, Law’s Jenny I was like, completely shocked That it made us lose And then like, after we lost, and we are leavin’ Those two are mackin’ on each other Moving in on another guy’s girl, Brian? I wouldn’t wanna be you when Law finds out ‘Cause he’s gonna be like That’s the Daily Dean, gonna be doin’ more of that all week long and month long here at VGHS Just stop by in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
3:30 to 4:45 And I’ll be givin’ you all the g- g- g- goodness you just got here today See you guys! Well, it’s only got like, 400 views Nice moves last night, lover boy Brian, VGHS only has like, 400 students Huh, I should probably go talk to Jenny (mockingly) Heelp mee, i should probably go
talk to Jen-ny You okay there, buddy? Ted’s presenting his new future as a drift racer
to Freddie today I think he has the butterflies I dont have butterflies I’ve got DRAGONflies! We don’t need your presentation,
I’m gonna tell him right now! Uhh, there’s Jenny I probably gotta go talk to her Yeah, I probably should pretend to not see Ted for a few seconds, then wheel him into Freddie’s room Yeah, don’t let him eat anything in there ‘kay? Right So, about today’s “Daily Dean” Whatever, Games Dean is an idiot Right? Yeah, he is Hold on I have something for you You beat it Oh yeah, all your highscores too Great
Oh don’t worry it wasn’t that hard Oh, so basically I suck? Yeah.. um.. Speaking of that… We can’t really hang out anymore Totally, I’m… What? Or be friends No, that came out wrong Brian, I think that you’re cool… but The Law’s Varsity captain And my parents expect me to make the team So I can’t have people talking about you and me To war! Are you wounded Theodor?