Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships / Le Programme de bourses d’études supérieures du Canada Vanier

October 19, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

The first people? Right away, I called my parents. We talk every Sunday, so, of course, me calling on a Friday afternoon, my mom
said: “What’s wrong?” And I said: “Nothing, Mom. I have the best news.” And I told her.
I mean my parents have been so supportive of me, my entire life. And I don’t think
a lot of parents would have been happy if their daughter had said, you know, ten years
into one career, I’m going to quit and start all over but my parents were very supportive,
and so, being able to call them and tell them that I won this amazing scholarship was…
It’s definitely been a highlight of my life. The thing with Vanier that I find really nice is that it allows me to really focus on my research without the added stress of
worrying about everything else in life, and other financial pressures and even academic
career pressures. It has kind of enabled me to relax and kind of gain that extra confidence
in myself that there are external agencies and people recognizing the merit that I do
have and my research capability and potential and it allows me also to, you know, focus in
and dedicate my time to my research rather than being stressed about, you know, working
extra jobs or worrying about anything else like that, that’s external to the research
that I do. Vanier opened up some tremendous opportunities
for me and the research that I want to do. I came into graduate studies with all sorts
of ambitious projects in mind and it would have been almost impossible to pursue a four-country
project, running around various villages in different parts of the world without having
the sort of substantial support that Vanier gives. I’ve always, since I got into research,
in my undergrad, as soon as I started doing it, I really fell in love with the research
and figured, from undergrad, I wanted to do a masters and PhD and move that into a postdoc
and hopefully an academic position at a research-intensive university. It was a huge commitment. I’m happy
I made that commitment, I’m happy I didn’t let the sort of rigour that it demands throw me off. You’re
supposed to be engaged by that sort of thing. And it’s a great way to think about what you want
to do for your research way ahead of time. Everybody I asked to write a letter, they
were thrilled to do it. These people who have supported you in the past, they only want
to see you succeed. And so they’re happy to write these letters for you. Yes, absolutely
I would say go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.