UN Women NC Australia MBA Scholarship

October 22, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

My name is Katie Moore I’m a proud
Wiradjuri woman. I currently work for a government organisation called
Indigenous Business Australia where we partner with Indigenous groups and
organisations in joint ventures and partnerships around tourism investments.
I feel very honored to be awarded the UN Women’s Scholarship. I really feel that
the UN Women closely aligns with what I set to achieve through an MBA, the
ability to drive social impacts through business and to really further my
leadership opportunity as a woman in the field of business. As I was researching
different MBA programs that are available I came across the University
of Sydney’s MBA program and as part of that I sat in on a taster class and the
experiential type learning, the content, the facilitators, a lot of things I felt
that really match with, what I wanted to do in the future, that I wanted to pursue
for myself. I’m excited about the students I get to study with who come
from various fields and backgrounds that are different from mine. I’m excited
about the content and the ability to change what I feel and think about
different issues. I’m really looking forward to how I can find out ways and methods
to practically apply the skills and the knowledge that I learnt through the MBA
program to create change in the broader context of corporate Australia. The UN
Women’s Scholarship is such a unique opportunity to learn more in that space
and to also get the technical skills, the people skills, rather than questioning
whether you are the person. If you have the skill set, you have
ability to win a scholarship. The question we should really be asking
ourselves is why not me.