Top 10 Spiritual Teachers on Youtube

October 21, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

The top 10 spiritual speakers on Youtube. In my humble opinion, these 10 individuals
are among the greatest speakers of life and spirituality on Youtube. Listening to each of them has really just
been so tremendously helpful on my own journey, so making this video is more of an attempt
to share that wisdom than to rank them in any particular order. But either way, I’ve included a brief clip
of each teacher so you can kind of draw your own conclusions, and without further ado,
the top 10 spiritual teachers on Youtube. Buddha is reported to have said that a meditator
loses all his questions. A moment comes when there are no questions
left. And that is the moment when you attain to
wisdom. Not to answers, but to wisdom. Wisdom is not an answer! It is the unfolding
of your consciousness. Not that you come to know something, but you
start experiencing life in its totality. So now, can you allow your mind to be quiet? Isn’t it difficult? Because the mind seems
to be like a monkey, jumping up and down and jabbering all the time. Once you’ve learned to think you can’t stop. And an enormous number of people devote their
lives to keeping their minds busy. And feel extremely uncomfortable with silence. When you’re alone, nobody’s saying anything, there’s nothing to do… There’s this worry… A lack of distraction…I’m left alone with
myself and I want to get away from myself! I’m always wanting to get away from myself,
that’s why I go to the movies, that’s why I read mystery stories, that’s why I go after
girls, or anything that you do, or get drunk or whatever. “I don’t want to be with myself. I feel queer.” Well why do you want to run away from yourself,
what’s so bad about it? Why do you want to forget this? It’s because you are addicted to thoughts.
It’s a drug. A dangerous one. Compulsive thinking…on and on and on and
on all the time. It’s a habit. So, there’s a difficulty about
stopping that activity. And you really have to stop it if you want to be sane. I only have one thing to show you, or to teach
you. It’s not teaching, teaching would mean giving knowledge to your mind. So the only reason is to find the spaciousness
within, who you are beyond the person. What could be more important than that? Just one conscious breath brings some space,
or helps you realize some space inside you. Your attention follows the breath as it moves
into the body, and out. And while you’re following the breath with
your attention, in and out, you become spacious. Don’t worry about anything at all. Don’t worry
about anything at all. You remember this thing: that you are not
here by accident. Even in this form. This is just a costume, for a while, you have to wear. But the one who is behind the costume, this
one is eternal. You must know this thing! If you know this and trust this, you don’t
have to worry about anything! You will not panic or act so prematurely.
And you will allow yourself just to not always react, but to keep quiet. And you find your mind comes nicely again
into your heart, and you begin to see in your natural state, from your natural state. And I want to say that, this world is so full
of love. And your heart, your being, is so full of love full of peace. You don’t have to go to someplace else to
find peace. You don’t have to go to India to find peace. You don’t have to go to Himalaya
to find peace. You don’t have to go to the Caribbean to find peace or happiness. Because it’s right where you are. See, up until you see beyond it, everything
is dominated by one’s self, is it not? “I want to be awakened, I want to be enlightened,
I want to have some spiritual revelation.” Which is really no different than “I want
an ice cream cone. I want to be loved. I want to be agreed with. I want to be disagreed
with. I like, or I don’t like.” Do you see how the fiction of self always
keeps itself in the center of one’s consciousness? Yeah? And spiritual awakening is seeing through
the fiction of that. That actually, there isn’t actually a self in the center of one’s
consciousness. The fear is simply because you are not living
with life, you’re living in your mind. Your fear is always about what’s going to
happen next. That means that your fear is always about that which does not exist. If your fear is about the nonexistent, your
fear is 100% imaginary. If you are suffering from the nonexistential,
we call that insanity. So people may just be in socially accepted levels of insanity. But, if you’re afraid, or if you’re suffering
from anything which does not exist, it amounts to insanity. Isn’t it? To find out who you are, you have to inquire.
You are the story of mankind. If you really see that it gives you tremendous vitality,
energy, beauty, love. Because it is no longer a small, entity struggling
in the corner of the earth. You are part of this whole humanity. It has a tremendous responsibility,
vitality, beauty, love. But most of us won’t see this. Because most
of us are concerned with ourselves. With our particular little problem, particular little
sorrow, and so on. And to step out of that narrow circle seems
almost impossible. Because we are so conditioned, so programmed like the computers that we cannot
learn something new. The computer can but we can’t. And yet it’s what all spiritual roads lead
to. It leads to…what’s here. And when we get deep enough in the spiritual
journey we realize that the journey itself is taking us away from here. So at a certain point, the depths of the spiritual
journey actually destroys the journey itself. Because there’s nowhere to go. There’s nowhere
else to be. All forms of suffering, basically, spring
from our inability to allow things. Seemingly it springs from our inability to accept things
the way they are. There is no struggle, there is no suffering,
if there is no argument. If I do not argue with whatever is here right
now, whatever the situation is right now, then I have nothing to fear, I have no suffering. If I want what’s here right now, if I’m okay
with that completely, then suffering can’t exist, can it? But if I undertake the act of allowing then
that’s just another way of denying that the moment just before I started to allow it,
that it wasn’t perfectly fine. So the non-allowance of the situation should
also be perfect, if everything is perfect. If life is however it is, then even the practice
of allowance is kind of a tricky business because it is in itself a denial of perfection. So then, what to do, right? I have a suggestion,
that is instead of trying to become allowance, instead of trying to become somebody that
accepts everything, notice how your very nature itself is allowance, already. So don’t try
to create allowance, instead see that something is already allowing everything. Or else it
wouldn’t exist. In other words, enlightenment is a fancy name
for the most simple, the most ordinary, the most well-known experience there is. And all 7 billion of us know it. However,
because it cannot be found by the mind, in most cases it is deemed missing. And as a result of that, the peace and happiness
that are inherent in it are also considered missing. And hence, the imaginary self goes off into
the world in search of the missing peace and happiness. As we all know, it doesn’t live there. Where
does it live? In the simple knowing of our own being. Its knowing of itself. That is, awareness’s
awareness of awareness. And it your innermost experience at all times.
It’s just…it’s not a new experience. It’s not something that has been lost and has to
be found. At worst, we could say that it has been overlooked. Ultimately, all of these teachers are trying
to put into words the same exact essential insights, but they all have very different
styles of doing so. Some may be more helpful to you than others. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this video,
and I hope it was helpful to you.