Times Higher Education ranks UAB No. 1 young U.S. university, top 10 worldwide

October 11, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Well, this is an exciting day for all of us at UAB for Birmingham for the state of Alabama We’re so pleased to have been ranked among the ten highest young world universities and Number one in the United States. It’s a real Example of the hard work that this institution undertakes every day to serve the people of Birmingham and Alabama Our mission is broad No institution in the state has a mission bigger than ours education. We’re gonna eclipse 21,000 students this year and again have the largest freshman class we’ve ever had research defining new knowledge that will change the world and will create cures for the diseases that our people and people around the world grapple with our research funding is now over five hundred and fifty million dollars a year Our healthcare is our third platform. And certainly we are the largest and most sophisticated Hospital not just in Birmingham or Alabama but one of the finest in the world and we cared for over a million patient visits last year and we have world-class physicians nurses of the staff and facilities. fourth mission pillar is community service and we have 23,000 employees and we want to make sure that we’re using our People power along with our students to make Birmingham a better community and to raise the quality of life for everyone And our fifth mission pillar is economic development because we are such a powerful economic driver not just in Birmingham but in Alabama our economic impact last year reached over seven billion dollars and it’s important to us to Give back and to take the innovations that our faculty staff and students are Discovering and turn those into commercial products that can help others around the world So we’re extremely excited about this new news that broke today And we couldn’t be more appreciative of our faculty and staff students alumni and our great community supporters last year was the best year we’ve ever had in every part of our mission and This year is gonna be even bigger and better we’re gonna have more students. We’re gonna have more research dollars We’re gonna care for more patients and we’ll have a bigger impact in the city and the state and around the world Well, we have as you can see a beautiful urban campus now that is one of the most attractive in The country and we continue to grow and build we’ve got three new academic Buildings coming out of the ground right now that represent over 120 million dollar investment we’ve got a new residence hall that we’re going to start soon and we now have 75% of our freshmen live on campus and that’s important because it gives them a campus experience not just in the classroom But through our extracurricular programs in our division of student affairs Continues to excel in serving our students and as we did a survey a year or two ago and we’re asked What’s the typical UAB student? there is no typical UAB student because you can do anything here and we want every opportunity for every student and they know that and when they come visit our campus and See how much alive it is and all the great things doing they are attracted. Also we’ve got a lot of new majors a master’s degree in big data undergraduate degrees in cyber forensics in other areas neuroscience immunology cancer biology genetics Not many places have those and we continue to evolve that so that we’re meeting the needs of 21st century students We’ve always been innovative. We’re now almost 49 years old. We’ll be 50 next year We’re going to celebrate that but we have a goal of being one of the most dynamic Comprehensive research intensive Universities in the world and I think from what you see with this survey We’re getting there sooner than anybody thought