Three Reasons For Higher Education In Turkey – তুরস্কে উচ্চশিক্ষার তিনটি কারণ

October 4, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Why turkey for higher education? A lot of
Bangladeshis have this same question. Hello everyone! This is Shakil Reja Efti.
I’m from Bangladesh. Probably you know Dinajpur. It is a city to the north
of Bangladesh. I’m from that city. Currently I am in Istanbul in Turkey. I did my SSC from the Dinajpur Zilla School, HSC from Dhaka St. Joseph Higher Secondary school and right after that I’ve come to Turkey for my higher education. Today in this
video I will try my level best to make you understand the reasons that forced
me to come to Turkey for my higher education. Here I’m studying at the
University of Istanbul’s Department of Journalism. Istanbul is in a very
important position of the world’s map, I mean Turkey itself is in a very important
position in the world’s map. The people of Turkey are very culture-centric and
they are very much into their literature, into their culture. Their food habit is
very famous in all over the world. There are so many reasons as such that
made me interested to pursue my higher education in Turkey. Today I will make
you understand three reasons that made me more and more interested to study in
Turkey. let’s see what the reasons are. 1. Because it is Turkey!
Waking up early in the morning you started on a ferry from the Asian side
of Istanbul. It took you to the European side in just 10 minutes.
Imagine! you have crossed a continent from the Asia to the Europe you have gone in just the difference of a few minutes! Doesn’t it sound so impossible? It sounds
impossible, but it is possible in Istanbul. Istanbul is the home to the
world-famous Hagia Sophia, world-famous Blue Mosque and so many other historical and architectural landmarks which will make you feel the importance of history, which
will make you feel the importance of culture of this very country. Not only
Istanbul, all the cities of Turkey have their own cultural and historical value
that will help you expand your heart as a student. It is not only about the
academic lessons that you get from your university but it is also about what you
see around of you, like I’m seeing all the time. I’m exploring Istanbul and I’m
really loving that and I’m really enjoying being here. You can also come
here in Turkey and explore the beauty of Turkey. 2. Turkish people and their food Hospitality is a very
important part of Turkish culture. Specially they are very interested in
foreign culture. For example whenever they come to know that I’m from Bangladesh they become so interested about Bangladeshi culture,
Bangladeshi food, Bangladeshi tradition and what not! Let it be the University
teacher or let it be the street tea vendors, they become so interested about
Bangladesh to know a lot from me. That’s why I really like this country because the people are so hospitable and they are so friendly. Specially the
Bengali people, like we Bengali people, we have the culture of Adda. I
think the Turkish people they are also so much into Adda like the Bengali
people. They like to talk a lot, they like to make informal conversation. They
like to sit in the cafes have cay (tea) and hours and hours they want to keep
talking with the foreigners and they become so interested when you are
talking about your own country and your own culture which is a very beautiful
part about Turkey in my point of view. and what else, yeah! the food! the Turkish
food is world famous. The whole world know about the Turkish food. It’s so
tasty and it’s so mouth-watering that I cannot express in this one video. I think
for Turkish food I must make another video and I’ll try to make you
understand more about this Turkish food and their food culture. it’s so amazing.
So the Bengalis who are so much into food like me, like to taste all the cuisines of the world, for them Turkish food is a must try and coming to
Turkey is a must. so I think, a country where the foods
are that delicious, the people are that friendly, anyone can decide to come to
that country for higher education without giving it a second thought, as I
did. Turkey is really wonderful. I invite you all to come here to enjoy
your higher education here and to enjoy the foods of Turkey, to enjoy the
wonderful behavior of the Turkish people. 3. Turkish universities and the academic life here Starting from the Faculty of Medicine, Engineering to the Faculty of Social Sciences, like the universities have the opportunity to
study any of the faculties, any of the departments you are interested in, and
the opportunity of research is also very good here. At the same time they have the chance to study both in Turkish medium or in English medium so you can choose
any of them you are interested in. So I think, if you talk about the
academic life of the universities, It’s really nice and really modern and it’s
really great to study here in these departments. If I talk about the
dormitories, in the Turkish universities, In Turkey you get to have the
dormitories in both private and public management so the dormitories are really
nice. Both the private and the public dormitories are really nice and really
quiet environment you get over there. So I think, as a student you can enjoy your
academic life here and you can really have a great experience. At the same time, as Turkey has become a very desirable country for the international students
not only from Bangladesh or India or Pakistan or any of the South
Asian countries but also from all over the world. As it has become a very
desirable country, you get to have the classmates from different parts of the
world as I have now. I can say that I have friends from different parts of
the world. Wherever in the world I go I can get my friends around. So that’s an
amazing thing about studying in Turkey that you get to get along with the
international friends and you get to learn about their culture about their
history and all which is really really important. So at last what I want to say
is Turkey is a wonderful place to pursue your higher education in and you must
consider Turkey when you are planning for your higher education in a foreign
country and I’m really happy to study here and I’m waiting for you all to
welcome here in Turkey and I hope you all have a wonderful and a very
successful academic year ahead in Turkey. Thank you so much for listening to me. I
hope to come to you again with videos about Turkish culture Turkish foods and
what not. I hope you will keep tuned to ‘Hep Türkçe’ and keep listening to our