The Worst Things about College

September 19, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

back in college I was an exceptional student and look at me now however strange it may sound I have a finance degree not only did I graduate with the perfect GPA my thesis was nominated for the dean’s award bright finance future ahead of me to bet I had different plans congratulations Peter the other professors and I are very proud of you thank you so what’s it gonna be a bank an investment firm a hedge fund I’m thinking about making funny videos on the Internet not only smart but also funny I like that I majored in finance with a specialization in investments in capital markets I know what you’re saying Peter you’re so handsome and intelligent but the truth is my practical skills in this field Peter the Mokka is crushing any of the only one I get save us create a perfect GPA and your diploma thesis also means award even the wrong decision we all do [Applause] it’s funny how each college faculty has its own cliches like and engineering is what is free time architecture what is sleep medicine what is life music bards what is love humanities what is studying physical education one of the worst things I did before enrolling into college in the Czech Republic was watching American college movies that completely distorted my expectations and perceptions of college parties yeah it wasn’t like that in Eastern Europe dude I’m broke as fuck stop puking you nasty shit goddammit yeah alcohol party sex no parents mommy and daddy are long forgotten until you have to feed yourself good boiling water inside what’s water what’s water no idea in college you really start to appreciate that sweet feeling of coming back home and lying to your own mother studying no matter how hard you study or how organized you are studying the night before an exam is always a life-threatening experience [Music] the more I talk with people who went to college the more it seems that each person experienced the same vicious cycle first year oh this is fun second year [Music] everybody forty year finally here is this what I really want to do am I gonna do lovely five years at the economics faculty sometimes I wonder where would I be now if I went down that path [Music]