The Value of Educated Medical Staff | Isaiah’s Story | Planned Parenthood

October 9, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

As trans people we already have to be pioneers in so many aspects of our lives and medical spaces should not be another aspect that we have to educate our own doctors on our health issues, so having educated medical staff on our issues makes it much more comfortable and accessible for trans people to get the help that they need. Particularly when it comes to medical procedures, such as hormone replacement therapy and surgeries, informed consent ensures that trans people know all of the repercussions and all the changes that will happen to them before they agree to the process. For example, with hormone replacement therapy some trans-masculine people and non-binary people who choose to start on testosterone may believe that testosterone is a replacement for birth control, which it is not, and having this information before agreeing and before actually having the process done ensures the safety of each person.