The SC State Fair’s Ride Of Your Life Scholarship

December 25, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

We’re not just the Columbia Fair. We’re the South
Carolina State Fair. We offer three hundred thousand
dollars in scholarships every year, to graduating seniors that
attend an in state school or university. And that
equates to fifty individual six thousand
dollars scholarships. We are a 501 c3, self supporting charitable
organization that is really dedicated to educating South
Carolina’s young adults and bringing awareness
to agriculture. My major is chemical
engineering and I went in kinda as a genetics major thinking I wanted to deal
more with animals and machinery. But since I’ve always
been around the Ag industry. I kinda changed into the
chemical aspect of it. If you don’t manage your soil
chemistry properly, You can have a lot of problems
throughout the growing season. And this year my summer job has
been mainly the silent cars. I’ve done this for five or
six years and I’ve always used a little bit of this money
toward my schooling as well. I guess what would be in the
rural background that I have, the work ethic that you learn
at a young age really help you with school. It’s like
getting up at six thirty today and running till seven o’clock at night. If you take the pride and you do a good job and you add another hour or two, you get a whole lot better results. The change to chemical engineering it took, it was a long thought process. I knew it would add another year to the school, another year too that I would have to pay for I knew with chemical engineering I’d have a broad background. I can do a lot of
different things and I would have a lot of job opportunities once I get the degree and graduate. and enter the job field. As a recipient of the
South Carolina State Fair Ride of Your Life Scholarship, I have alleviated a
lot of the financial burden and stress that goes into college planning. I can’t say thank you enough for what they’ve done and when they’ve given me. Even though the Fair’s
roots are really in agriculture, the scholarship is
not all about agriculture. It’s open to everyone. And
it’s based on well roundedness of the application and
the community involvement as well as academics. When I was in the sixth
grade I got really sick. I had this epiphany when we left
the doctor’s office cause he made me feel better. I want to be
a doctor and that was how my dream of becoming
a physician started. Because of the South Carolina
State Fair Ride of Your Life Scholarship, I was able to focus
on school during the four years that I was at the College of
Charleston rather than have having the added stress of
how I was going to eat and live in addition
to going to school. It provides me with financial
relief that allowed me to focus on getting
to medical school. So now that I’m a third
year medical student, I do have to decide what
specialty I would like to pursue in medicine really soon.
I’m currently considering a career in Pediatrics
and Psychiatry. The state of your mind is
very important into how you your physical health is
manifested. And I just can’t seem to break those two apart. And I
feel like by doing both I’ll be able to better
fulfill my goal. The South Carolina State Fair
Ride of Your Life Scholarship has meant more to me than just the money that I received for my college. It made me
realize the investment that South Carolinians put into other South Carolinians to help elevate us. And receiving the scholarship had
a tremendous impact on how I envision my future. I feel that I now have a duty to provide that same opportunity
for another child like me. My mom always says
it takes a village. Of the village is what has
contributed to my success. In order to apply for the South
Carolina state fair Ride of your life scholarship program
just visit our website at Click
on scholarships and you can download your application
and send it on in.