The Power of Scholarships // “I Give…” Video Series

November 17, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

My name is Shaarika Kaul. I just graduated from the University of Washington. I was a Communication major and Informatics
major, and I minored in Entrepreneurship. Scholarship support was really vital to
me succeeding in college. During my junior
year of college my family went through a really really challenging time. We had
illnesses, we had deaths, and we had great financial strain. The David horsey
Endowed Scholarship for Communication was one that I applied for and was
awarded, and it really came at exactly the right time because it was not only
tangible support of my education but it was also an affirmation of my academic
merit and the path that I chose here at the U Dub. I have always been passionate
about the arts but I was also really curious about technology and STEM. So
being able to pursue a double degree here at U dub was really really
vital. I did my double in informatics on the stem side and Communication on
the arts side, and I also minored in entrepreneurship. now that I’ve graduated,
what’s next for me is I will be starting work as a business technology analyst at
Deloitte. So basically I will be working in consulting specifically with
technology which is fantastic because both of my majors prepared me so
beautifully for being able to bring together people and technology. I also got
to work with Professor Matt McGarrity who is a public speaking professor in
the Department of Communication, and I had such a wonderful experience with him as well because he really encouraged me to really go out and achieve beyond what
I ever thought that I could. I think that it’s actually extremely important to
give back to the place that really gave you your wings. So for me I’ve already
decided that I’m absolutely going to be coming back and donating to the College
of Arts and Sciences. I’m Hindu and in Hinduism it’s actually considered one of
the greatest deeds to give back and to sponsor someone’s education. That is what all of the donors have done for me and I hope will continue to do for a thousands
and thousands of Huskies. you