Ted Mitchell invites higher education leaders to ACE2018

October 12, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[Music] [Narrator]: From tax reform, to Dreamers, to
questions about the value of a college degree, higher education is squarely in the public
policy spotlight this year. The American Council on Education is proud
of our one-hundred-year history of bringing campus leaders together to address the most
critical problems facing higher ed, and we call upon you to join us to convene again,
at ACE2018. We are stronger together. Let’s join forces
to defend the core values of higher education, ensuring the nation understands why access,
equity, and affordability for all is so important. At ACE2018, you have the opportunity
to connect and learn with other campus leaders. Because we believe that learning never stops, and everyone should have access to higher education and the resources needed to succeed. [Ted Mitchell]: These are challenging times in American higher education. It’s an important time for us to join together to promote the
values that lie at the heart of higher education in this country. So I want to personally invite you to attend ACE2018, ACE’s 100th Annual Meeting in March. This will be my first annual meeting as president of ACE and I am looking forward connecting with you in person. So please join us as we unpack the political, policy, and practical issues impacting higher education every day.