Stockton University Foundation Scholarship Recognition

November 13, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[ music ] What inspires me to give to the foundation as a donor is I see the great work every day that the foundation does. I see the students coming in, I see the students graduating, and I know that for many of them they could not be here without the work
of the foundation. I see firsthand the benefits the impact that the gifts have on our students. They don’t have to worry about so many of the expenses and they can focus
so much more on their studies. I had a lot of financial problems just because my mom is sick so like our credit went down and stuff so I wasn’t unable to get a lot of loans so I really had to struggle financially, work a lot and it took a toll on my academics. This year, being able to get these scholarships really
lessened the load for me financially, so yeah, it impacted me greatly. Well I’m inspired to give to the foundation because I was the recipient of a foundation scholarship myself, so I see the world that it opened up to me and I want to be able to give that back to future Ospreys. So, when I first found out that I received a foundation scholarship I was elated by the news. I
was super excited and very happy. Stockton’s students are such a good
investment because we’re surrounded with an institution that supports us and has
so many resources for us to succeed, and having donors like the foundation
scholarship donors really help us in our goals and it helps us create a
better future and a life that we want to live. It felt really great to know that I
had received a foundation scholarship from the donors here at Stockton. It let me know that there’s a community here that’s willing to invest in it students
that I’m not alone in these pursuits. Well I can say that giving back to the
community is is very important and if you have an opportunity you should be
doing it, and being involved and giving back is the most important thing you can
do. We’ve been very fortunate I think as a family. There’s a responsibility there if you if you have the assets to do it, and you can do it, then I think it’s a it’s a civic responsibility that people should do. Being grateful it’s coming back to how people receive scholarships, and being a part of something so great, the Student Veterans Organization, it shows that it can be impactful, not just for veterans but for the rest of the students. You don’t have to be in the 1% to make a difference to one student and it it’s also a way to keep some of our family members, or people who are dear to us, keep their names alive you know, my parents names are on the Foundation website, it’s a named scholarship and there are so many named scholarships that really do keep these loved ones alive in our hearts. Recently my brother died and I’ve had to pay for his funeral expenses and go to school and we raised some money too and actually the leftover money for the expenses we are going to make a scholarship for him, so, it just it really hits home Coming in times of hardship you think back to something like that and you’re like you know someone believed in me and it’s just impacted me to keep me going and I mean the the financial aspect is awesome too because taking out a lesser loan helps me in the future tremendously The scholarship has impacted me very positively my father passed away a couple years ago so just receiving the scholarship took a huge burden off my family, so it was just I was so grateful that I was able to receive it. When I received the foundation scholarship I felt just really excited, you know, like it was my first scholarship that I got from this university and I just felt very, you know, accomplished like I actually like received something for my work, you know, so because I was just really happy about that. I feel like when you give a donation whether it’s big or small a student such as myself will use any bit of financial aid in order to create our professional careers and that definitely helps us to establish a place in the world Stockton became a really tremendous resource for us as part of our overall mission with our foundation Our foundation prioritizes giving to education for the support of building our local community with talented people Stockton is delivering and deploying very talented people to
the marketplace and to our local community and that’s extremely important
because these folks become our community leaders our business owners and most
importantly for us our customers and our future employees so we’re very excited
appreciative about the relationship we have developed We are members of Ye Old Timers Club of Atlantic City and Ye Old Timers Club has made a scholarship for students here at Stockton Our endowment is over a hundred thousand dollars in recent years to Stockton and it follows the original purpose of our organization which is to give scholarships to students that graduate from either
Atlantic City High School or Holy Spirit High School The committee that reviews the applications work so hard and we read the students stories we share them in the meetings we are just so happy ultimately to be there and participating in the process even though it’s a lot of work it’s such good work I’m a Dean and so pretty busy and was thinking of getting off the committee but I can’t it’s too it’s too important and the people I work with are so committed and so fair and so just passionate about the students and their stories and when we
finish up awarding that money it is just the greatest feeling in the world to have done something that you know is going to impact students that much I was ecstatic at the time I immediately ran out of my office because I was working with my Dad and showed him it I got a scholarship and I was really just happy that I was able to finally get something even though I was only a freshman I know what it means to really be in need and so if we can help students not go into greater debt and make their lives a little easier so
that they can spend their time doing what they’re supposed to do and that’s
being a good student I’d just like to say thank you for your generosity and your support it’s individuals like you who shed light and hope to those who may not have it I’m just very grateful that you’ve opened up many opportunities for me many
doors and I didn’t have access to before I feel like receiving a scholarship also provides a lesson and the true value of education here at Stockton which is the willingness of helping others I will give back to this community in the future My education got support from a variety of different sources and I feel by giving I can give back but not only give back I feel like I’m paying forward The giving felt good it felt good to me I was tithing to my community and the faces that I see every day and I like to think that students who receive scholarships and other types of philanthropy will at some point in their lives get to that moment where I can I can pay it back too and I can pay it forward too I would say first if you aren’t currently donating thank you so much and if you are considering donating I think that everything that you do
helps our students and donating even just a little can really make a big
difference in their lives [music]