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October 12, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Cricket commentary. Orange, grape, tamarind,
and raw mango. All your childhood’s juicy flavors,
now with a taste of youth. Manblind condoms
– because love is blind. Pappu, what’s happening? Right now, it’s some candy ad…
condom candy. Pappu, son… …condom is not a candy,
condom is a… Let it be! Let him think it’s candy. What difference does it make? It does make a difference! When I was younger,
I thought it was a balloon. So what? One time I found a used condom on
the street and blew it with my mouth! What!? Yes! So I’m going to explain
it to him you may leave. Why should I leave? You leave! Where to? Won’t you come to pick
me up at the station? I’m coming, remember? Oh yes! See, saved the day, like Virat! Pappu, station… grandpa! Virat Kohli,
quite the aggressive batsman… …facing his first delivery… …and Virat hits a spectacular
six on the very first ball! Super sixes sponsored
by Manblind Condoms. Because love is blind. Did Virat have to hit
that sixer right now!? Papa… have you tasted
this condom candy? Pappu! What happened Papa?
Why did you stop the car? Pappu, son, the… phone! Yes, Father? Listen, I’ve forgotten
my diabetes medicines. – Pick them up on the way.
– All right. See how I managed to get
you a ‘Strategic Time Out’! Pappu, I have to buy some
medicines for grandpa… …just two minutes. – Wait here, I’ll be right back.
– Ok. Is that a condom? – Yeah.
– Which flavour? Uh… Orange. Is it tasty? Look! Balloons! Lets go! Papa, even I want a condom
candy too. Orange flavour. Pappu! Orange, grape, tamarind,
and raw mango. All your childhood’s juicy flavors,
now with a taste of youth. Manblind condoms… Because love is blind! Pappu, son, a condom is not a candy. So what is it then? Now you’ll explain
to him what a condom is? Didn’t you see what happened
when I didn’t explain it to him? But how will you explain it to him? Wait, let me think. Wait… let me help you. No, absolutely… Go away. What are you doing!? Get off! Stop! Go away! One minute. Yes, hello, hello… Oh… phone battery died! Pappu! Idea! Wear your seatbelt! Pappu, you remember the story about
the mobile to laptop file transfer? That one about transferring the
sperm file from your USB chord… …to mama’s USB port, right? Correct. But everytime people don’t
connect their mobile to a laptop… …to just transfer a file. Sometimes they just… – Connect to charge it?
– Yes. Like how we have
net practice in cricket? What are you saying?
A net has so many holes. What if there is
a hole in the condom?! Just like net practice, people don’t
always have sex, intercourse… …or make love, to make babies,
they also do it to… To get charged? Please don’t tell him that there is
no charge in this, only discharge! Son, not charging… uh…
they do it for pleasure or joy. That time they need to be careful
that there is no accidental… …male to female sperm file transfer. So that there is
no unwanted pregnancy. Babies are a very big
responsibility… …and you need to be ready
for them… …and have them at the right time. Also, you don’t want to transfer
any viruses like HIV/STDs… …between each other… …so wearing a condom
is very important. So, condom is like an anti-virus
software that keeps us safe? Correct. What does a condom look like? Umm… like a balloon. So you can blow it up
and play holi, right? Pappu! No, son. You NEVER blow up a condom.
You wear it. Men wear it over their male organ
or penis during intercourse… …like how you wear
gloves on your hand. This way there is no transfer of
the man’s sperm into the woman. And that doesn’t lead to pregnancy. So mumma’s pregnant
after seven years… …does that mean you used
a condom before that? You shameless lot! Please shut up,
I’m actually going to arrive now. You’re reaching now!? I’ve been waiting here
in the sun since so long! I called you so many times…
your phone is switched off! Yes son… I use condoms. Almost all adults use condoms
to stay safe while making love. What is this ‘condom, condom’? Is this how you speak
in front of your father! Papa… grandpa. Yes… even grandpa
probably uses condoms. Have you no shame talking
about your father like this? I’ll give you 2 tight slaps! What’s to be ashamed of? Huh? Pappu, even you can
hear grandpa’s voice? Yes! Grandpa’s right here after all. Orange, grape, tamarind,
and raw mango. All your childhood’s juicy flavors,
now with a taste of youth. Pappu, what’s this? Napkin. Why do you bleed?
And from where do you bleed? How do I explain ‘vagina’ to him? Condoms are available at
ALL medical & general stores. You DON’T need to be
18 to ask for a condom. Condoms can ALSO be bought by women… …because women have
sex too (surprise, surprise!) It is NOT morally wrong to ask
your partner to use a condom. Condoms do NOT hamper
love making in any way. Condoms are NOT the only
way to avoid pregnancy… …but are known to be
among the safest… …however, their success ratio
is only 95-98% Condoms can ALSO help prevent
unwanted pregnancies… …and sexually transmitted diseases. To find out the connection between
condoms and flavors… #GoAskYourDad. You know what they call a
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