Scientia PhD Scholarships: Jane Qian PhD Candidate / Supervisor Scientia Professor Michelle Simmons

September 30, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

One of the great things about working at
UNSW in Sydney is that we take on ambitious projects and in the project
that Jane’s doing it’s really trying to help build a quantum computer in
silicon. In order to achieve a scalable quantum computer we need the capacities
for different cluster of qubits to talk to each other and that translates into
spin coupling over distance in our system. Before joining UNSW, I knew the state of the art
fabrication techniques and facilities in Professor Michelle Simmons group and I
was really interested in the work they were doing. It’s fantastic having
Scientia PhD students join the group they’re very very bright they’re the cream of
the cream. They’ve come from all over the world. We’ve got about seven different
things we want to achieve and one of the big goals is trying to connect distant
qubits so Jane’s come right into that project is very critical for us and
we’re very excited about her results. My primary supervisor is Professor Michelle
Simmons whose enthusiasm and positivity are just unparalleled in keeping
everything moving forward. Being supervisor is a fantastic thing. I get to
work with students from all across the world which I absolutely love. I love it
when they’re super bright and they challenge me every day about what I’m
thinking, which I think is really good but most of all we’ve got a great team
so we like to bring students in from anywhere in the world and tell them ‘come
and work with us’. We’ll put you in a leading position so when you leave here
you can get anywhere else in the world that you want to. The fact that the Scientia
Scholarship provides a career development package was attractive because it allows
me to be more independent in shaping my own experience. One of the things I’ve
realised looking back through my career is the earlier the age you start to get
that taste of leadership, the more successful you’re going to be. Giving you
an extra bit of money getting you to think outside of yourself. This Scientia
program is fantastic for young people. With a scholarship I was able to travel
to international conferences where I could talk to peers and potential
collaborators that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. I think that UNSW is a
fantastic place to do a PhD. It’s got amazing infrastructure. It really
supports its researchers it wants to be well leading and it basically helps us
all to get there. If anyone’s considering doing a PhD, find a project you’re really
passionate about and find a group you really want to work with then go for it!