November 13, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Geoff: Parents! If you have a kid or multiple kids- It doesn’t matter And you think they have what it takes to take on Rooster Teeth Then have them submit a short video- I think I’m about to get hit- Uh, saying why he or she should be on the team! Hey, Gavin. Gavin: Hello there! Geoff: So we were talking the other day. And, uh, about how, uh, we need a challenge? To play against, ’cause Funhaus- it-is-it-they’ve just given up. Gavin: It’s a walk in the park playing Funhaus. Geoff: Playing Funhaus. So uh, but you guys were payed to play video games and I think you’re pretty good, mostly because I’ve trained you to be a crack team of video game specialists. Gavin: I’m worried that you actually believe that. Geoff: I do believe that! Which, uh, was the whole point of the argument that we had. Interestingly enough, AT&T Hello Lab came to us and they- they- Do this year of shows where they get people from the internet who do things, To create, like, community-centric shows with the goal being to get them closer to their audience. And so you said that I was an idiot and that I provide no benefit- Gavin: Idiot. Worthless. A fool. Geoff: Those were the- The were the key point-uh-bulletpoints And I said, “That’s not true! You’re only good at video games because of my expert tutelage.” And then, when AT&T said “Hey! We think you should make a show with your community!” I thought- What if I hired a NEW team of gamers to come in and play you guys in a game and beat you. And you said that I couldn’t do it. And I said that not only could I do it, I could do it with kids my daughters age. So, we’re gonna create a show Where I get a buncha kids, roughly my daughters age. Like, y’know, somewhere in the ten- ten year old range. And, uh, we’ll take you guys on! And beat you in a game! Gavin: I have a question! Geoff: Yes. Gavin: What happens if you lose? Geoff: Alright so. A while back, we had a bet that never went through that if I lost the bet I would have to get a to scale tattoo of your nose on my body. And- And- Gavin: Is there even space? *Geoff laughs* Geoff: There’s space. A- A few slots. I’m keeping open. So, I’m so confident that we’re going to beat you that, uh, This crack team of kids that I’m gonna be training. That if I lose I will get the Gavin nose tattoo. Gavin: If there’s anything- ANYTHING that would spur us on more I’d love to hear it. Geoff: And if I win… You can never talk again. Gavin: You didn’t… Talk about that bit. Geoff: It’s on camera now, so- Gavin: Kinda puts a hole in my job here. Geoff: Yeah. Kinda what I was hoping for. Gavin: I’d get fired. Geoff: Be sure to include your name and age and where you live! Hey, kid! Your parents have to be the ones to submit the video. Don’t think you’re getting away with that stuff. So, if you wanna be a part of the team, You’re gonna need your parents approval! Much like all things until you turn 18, You need your parents approval. This “intense” training where I teach you to play a game you probably already know better than me Happens in: From: So you’re gonna have to be here to do it. Send your submissions to the email address in the description below!