Schooled Simpletons – Bag Burglar | S1E1 (4K)

December 25, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Another A to the collection! It isn’t for me… That’s no wonder. You couldn’t even spell your name right. Not even my name? Why, what did I write? Oooh… Sometimes you could use a bit of studying, Marc! Nyenyenyenyenyenye, Marc! Where’s your bag by the way? I placed it down in the classroom, we’ll come back for it later. Where’s YOUR bag? I don’t carry a bag with myself. Schooled Simpletons in: Bag Burglar I really don’t get what you like about math so much, Chris. It’s just a buncha numbers. It’s not just a bunch of numbers, Marc. There are also letters sometimes. Yeah… I wish there weren’t Where’s your bag by the way? I told you! We’re going for it now! No, I mean where exactly is it? What’s up, Nerd-O! What’s up, uhh… other loser! Oh! So just because I’m in the chess club, that automatically makes me a nerd? Yes. What do you want, Bill? i want you to give me your wallet! No! I’m sorry about Bill taking your wallet, dude. Whatever. It had more sentimental value than money value. We’ve arrived! Uhh… Marc? Yes? Oh. So where’s your bag, dude? Oh… It’s in the… Corner? Dee! Dee! What? Why do you have sunglasses on in the basement? Why are you in the basement, in the first place? I like its atmosphere. Aha, okay. Where did you get that cookie from, man? It was in the trash can. What was that for? Don’t eat it! Why not? It’s not hygienic, genius! Listen, Dee. Where is Christopher’s bag? How the heck should I know, Marc? Leave me alone, dude! You should know, because we found these sunglasses in its place. That’s not mine. How do you know? Green. Err… Why would I wear green sunglasses with a purple outfit? Errrrrrrrrr…. GREEN DOES NOT BELONG WITH PURPLE!!!!! Alright, calm down already! If it’s not yours, then whose is it? I don’t know, who else wears sunglasses? Alice? Okay, but then where is my bag? What color? Brown. Oh yeah. I found a brown bag in classroom 12. Yeah? What did you do with it? I put it in the lost and found. And where the heck is that? There, in the corner. Dee, you moron!