Schooled, Episode 7 – Put Em’ to the Test

November 16, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

All right, hey guys, huh coach time so training been going pretty well But you guys have basically just been playing against each other and against Frouch and I So I brought in some actual adults to play against you today they are people who work for Achievement Hunter They’re just not as important as me or the guys you’re going to play this is uh Trevor Andy, Mika, and the other one. Don’t worry about writing their names down because ultimately they don’t matter But their warm bodies that can sit down and play video games against you. Frouch, go get the stuff Excellent, since you guys are gonna play as Achievement Hunter today, I need you to look like Achievement Hunter. Andy, you go ahead and be Ryan. That’s terrifying Trevor? You can go ahead and be Jack because you guys look a lot, physically. Matt you’re gonna be Michael Mika, best for last, you get to be the nose. I’ve also got these awesome costumes for you This is intended to dehumanize you. It’s working. yeah, so, go ahead and slap those on and play against a bunch of kids All right, this is match one round one you guys Versus you guys we got a sheep and our chicken you guys get to pick between Raccoon and horse I don’t care which one you pick I am the Raccoon, Andy get the horse. Andy you be the horse hit A. the horse shaped one. No, that’s not, hit B [laughs] Look for the horse. Left. Left. Genius look for the horse there it is down okay. I get the A and you get the trigger I get the A, and you get the stick. Look it, We have a good chance of winning. Yeah, no, you have a great chance of winning against these idiots Why don’t I make the bet against Andy? All right think about where your placing stuff kids. Be smart, strategic Got it. Guys he’s got a coin. I don’t know what these coins do but you know what? Gets you extra points Now horse got it Alright. Alright Sheep, there’s no hurry here sheep. You just take your time sheep. [Ahh] sheep. It’s barbed wire What’re you doing? Well, if you’re yelling “sheep, sheep..” It’s gonna be loud on the championship day. You gotta focus Jump Andy, jump jump jump. Oh nice. Come on Sheba. Achievement Hunter’s got the coins. I got the coin. We’ve got the coins wait, where’d that trap go? Good job chicken. Oh my god chicken, you’re like amazing. Come on Chicken. Chicken Come on chicken be first. Be first. Be first chicken. Be first, be first, make me proud. Do your dance man come on you’ve earned it. Sheep, Sheep, Sheep Sheep get those points get up there. Sheep come on, you got this You’re like a queen of walljumps All right, alright, all right. We got a death match, but so, sheep and raccoon are gonna advance, but this is to see who the best is go, sheep [ugh] Tegan You advance. Jack you advance. Tegan that was great. Asheer, We’re gonna talk later. On the bright side you guys beat Andy on the Not so bright side it was only Andy everybody get out of here next four coming in Am I okay okay? I Reckon this is your level Come on, Alexa in game. You [guys] know you can do this Way to thread the needle there. She’s there you go oh excellent Raccoon excellent [what] do you think [it’d]? Get your baby sheep. [no] that was amazing I’m so proud of only you All right, [I] feel like they might have an advantage. They have all of their vision. What don’t rub my back so much They’re not as good as the other achievement on guys but they still might [be] pretty good these guys still play a lot of video games, and they’re grown-ups but They’re not the brightest rhythms Nick yeah, I love it. You’d be the first All right, this is it. This is the championship round this the final round we got chicken [horse]? Raccoon and sheep All right may the best format on the win Take it home guys. You know this map. [oh], no I don’t know. What are you I wish the chicken oh, no There’s no reason anybody should have points for that level but thanks to Matt’s inability. I do what I can yeah, I Reckon the sheep Look at him. They’re old. They’re sad They’re gonna die way before you are you guys have your whole lives ahead of you this is where they ended up? [oh], oh I killed myself at the elevator oh – All right at least at least they didn’t [give] [me] points at least [stating] any points remember you’re better than [grown] [ups] Miles excellent, it’s all you shoes. Yeah, you don’t need to go that way [oh] [hannah] [do] you want to show her platter, and you look at the platter? You threw it away? Last time last time that’s fine. It is all down to this You can do this you can do this just back yet slow and steady wins the race Master-Blaster fat Raccoon Oh chicken get that momentum forward momentum You got the sheep? You did it you were always my favorite You guys got beat by ten year olds you suck what am I paying you for? How bad do you feel about yourselves all of you? well every day or just today? I am so proud and Disappointed at the same time you the people that I spent 40 hours a week with playing video games are atrocious And you the ten-year-old kids that I barely know are legendary you guys did it so happy so annoyed Want to know what’s going on. Give me a cheer on our office. You can sneak in and covertly report some footage all Right that’s enough come on. Come on