Schooled, Episode 2 – Ultimate Chicken Horse 101

November 13, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Okay, to keep that ugly tattoo off my body you guys are going to have to beat Achievement Hunter in this game, Ultimate Chicken Horse You guys think you can do it? yep Alright, so we’ve got a chicken, we got a raccoon we got a sheep and we have a horse. Step 1 who wants to be the Chicken? Everyone but Geoff: ME. Me, Me!! *Schooled Intro* Miley: Heeey Guys! Guys, guys, guys Meet Richard…da Hi Richard Hey everybody ugh, Richard, were in a bit of a jam here buddy Training ten year olds, into playing a videogame is not as easy as I had anticipated could yo- do you think you can provide any guidence Richard: ohkay well why don’t we… play together aand… I can explain you guys a little but of how it works and get you out of your sticky uh tattoo situation to beat Gavin and his boys! Listen to EVERYTHING that he says in a way that you
don’t listen to me alright guys so this is ultimate chicken horse. so we start here in the tree house where you can pick your character and pick the level you want to play. We’re gonna start off by going to the farm which is the first level in the game and probably the easiest one. we call it ultimate chicken horse because it’s the ultimate game of chicken and the ultimate game of horse so the game is about building the level and then trying to run through it without dying so the first part of that is choosing a block from the party box and try to put it somewhere in the level so let’s place all these items somewhere in the level and see if we can run through while avoiding the saws and the spikes and anything else dangerous that you want to put in there You guys have friends? Do you? What do you think they’re gonna think if
they see how bad you are at this game they probably won’t care. alright. raccoon you’re not the worst sheep…. sheep…. chicken how did you already die?!! I thought you were gonna encourage me! I- me- I-I-I.. I’m- this is this is me encoura- this is as encouraging as I get!! So-ry! it was an accident! Sheep. I [facepalm] Hold- if you hold-
I BELIEVE IN ME. ok now the next it yeah. if you-aw. Hold–oh no. –ARUGHH oh alright well your goal is to make level easy enough that you can reach the end but you want to make it hard enough that you can screw over the other people so in our case we want to be able to make it challenging but still difficult right because if everyone reaches the end level nobody scores any points cause is too easy the other thing that I’m going to place is a coin if someone reaches that and then gets to the end of the level they get bonus points so if you see a coin on a level you want to try to make sure to get to that. You guys hear that? Money is *very* important. yes sir. have you ever taught the game to a group of ten-year-olds? uuuh we have not taught the game to ten-year-olds but we’re going to now- so [Geoff sigh] I’m going to owe you big. chicken- can I- chicken? yes? Do you see where Richard is? Yeah? Do you see where you are? You two are at wildly different locations! but- but do you
see where raccoon is? random gibberish from here on out. Iknow the timing is atrocious. is that we all we all know about the failures of practice I got a taste of of the current abilities and was not encouraging they are feel comfortable using the word terrible i want to show you guys wall jumping all right pay attention spaulding is super important that you guys learned so you can actually wall jump from one wall to the other one and you can also walk up on the same wall so you see there was doing here you can jump I’m really bad at wall jumping like that’s my worst thing in Game you’re not gonna be for long you’re gonna become an expert at wall jumping that’s going to be what you’re known for when you go back to school in the fall all the kids gonna be like you don’t watch ok I heard about you maybe I should have you guys practice wall jumping in real life over a giant pit help maybe a pit with like maybe snakes no pit with the way the bunch maybe pillows pillows and snakes yeah pillows and snakes as well as we’re gonna put it I’m gonna check with legal on that oh she’s so we’re playing the Sheep putting this in case you fall down you should be able to human look at look at what Richards doing is showing off that is amazing my aesthetic life is in the hands of ya guys so I can see you’re getting better but don’t try something a little more difficult why don’t you try the middle plant one of the hardest levels in the game adult don’t go easy on us because the tattoo artist isn’t gonna go easy on me understand visit building knows or is it a yeah its life size when you’re drawing it up right now life-size something to its glory no not in this knows he’s famous for it that’s putting it is yeah it is a huge big and ugly pay special attention to this we might end up in a really hard level 2 t-mo guys we don’t know yet wait so we don’t know what we’re going we’ll figure it out this is pretty advanced though raccoon you doing some great Walter thing this is like the most challenging levels so if you can I think you guys are you guys are approaching like what look at the car mate possibly considered skill oh no you guys might be better than me if you make it to me I’m here alright raccoon brown legacy raccoon if you do this you just you just better than the guy who made the game he might be them he might be arguably the best player in the world that you look you’re no longer my favorite you’re not my favorite alright try harder have an idea so how goes in one levels just to throw them off a little bit could be really in well why don’t we put a big giant side in the background that says no Gavin’s knows no we’re not going to have given so you’re going to put this into the game yeah we put that you get that will demoralizing and if they have been practicing this will throw them off because they like what on earth is that and you get this run straight and finish guys like that I yeah what an awesome stupid question so let’s do it at the start of the day the kids were barely crawling through that game and they’re not running yet but they’re definitely kind of walking Lord High know you gotta go but you have no idea how much this helped them and us as a whole we cannot thank you enough we’re going to throw child labor laws out the window they’re going to be playing into their little fingers are bleeding appreciate it thank you take care it is not bad luck all right well I think you’ve had enough of a break get back to work welcome to the ultimate chicken race the first one of you to put three chickens in your pin is the winter this is the best part about working within your own is that they’ll do whatever you tell them that was not nearly as embarrassing as I thought it would be yeah yeah that’s poop