Schooled, Episode 1 – Let the Games Begin

October 19, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

OK, listen that guy right there, that’s my dad Geoff and sometimes he doesn’t think things through and can be a little bit of an idiot. You guys are paid to play videogames, and I think you’re pretty good mostly because I have trained you. AT&T HelloLab came to us, said “Hey we think you should make a show with your community” I thought, what if I hired a new team of gamers to come in and play you guys in a game and beat you, and you said that I couldn’t do it, and I said not only can I do it, I can do it with kids my daughter’s age. And uh we’ll take you guys on and beat you in a game. Gavin: I have a question.
Geoff: Yes?
Gavin: What happens if you lose? I’m so confident that we are going to beat you, that if I lost the bet I would have to get a to scale tattoo of your nose on my body. Millie, this is Schooled. Which is, a show that we are in that was born out of a bet. and like all things at Rooster Teeth, it escalated way too quickly. and now there are cameras in front of us. Welp, good job Daddy. Would you help me, not get a tattoo? OK, yeah sure why not? We got a bunch of submissions, do you want to help me go through them, and see if we can find the perfect group of kids? Yes! OK, want to run through some submissions? Yes These kids are all fantastic. I don’t know what to do, they are so good. I know. Lot of, lot of old dudes, surprisingly enough. But um… I think we may have a shot? [Doorbell rings] Bring it on Achievement Hunter! Achievement Hunter? You’re going down! Woah!
This is awesome!
Wow! Get your hands up! As far as first impressions go, I think fear is a great motivator. Hahaha, are you guys having fun? Is everyone having fun? Knock it off! This is not fun! Grab a seat! This is serious! This is video games! This is Millie. She is the exact same age as you, but she is better than you in every way, because she is my daughter. Listen… I wanna be your friends, Millie: but I’m also your coach.
Geoff: It’s true. I’m your froach. She’s a froach. Now, Millie and I have spent literally minutes pouring through hundreds of submissions, to handpick each of you. To represent something very important to me, my skin. Also, to a lesser extent, my dignity. You think you are up to the challenge? Alright, now you guys are going to be battling some of the worst people I know, they are bad at everything. Video games. Life. Life Choices. They are bad at grooming. And we are going to use all of that against them. These guys, are called Achievement Hunter. Alright, to have an awesome team, we need, obviously, an awesome team hangout which you see before you. This place is powered by AT&T Fibre. Do you guys know what AT&T Fibre is? No, well, it’s like grown up words for really fast internet. We are all going to be playing at the same time, we’re all going to be practising and training so we can’t have slow internet. So we got like the best you can get. It’s going to help us to train faster and better. which we desperately need to do, to take on Achievement Hunter in… Ultimate Chicken Horse! [Offscreen voices try to fix the TV] Which should be more than enough to take on Achievement Hunter in… Geoff: Only press it once, you might be turning it on and off again. Geoff: Are you pushing this button?
Millie: Yeah Geoff: Maybe you’re pressing too high up Geoff: It is going to be a long nine days To take on Achievement Hunter in… Ultimate Chicken Horse! I need you guys to take this, exceptionally seriously. because I need you to help keep this off of my body. It’s big. It’s ugly. And I don’t want anything to do with it. Also I don’t know if you read the contract but if I lose you all have to get the tattoo as well. [From the Next Episode Window]
Geoff: Do you guys have friends? Gabriel: Do you? Millie: Meet Richard! Richard: You have to put blocks down somewhere in the level and then try to run through it to the end. Richard: Oh no! Aashir: He teleported back! Geoff: Look at what Richard is doing, he is showing off. Geoff: Chicken, how did you already die!?! Geoff: They are, I feel comfortable using the word, terrible. Geoff: Try harder.