Schooled | Ep 1 Erwan Heussaff – How to be a Content Creator

December 25, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Welcome to Schooled an online tutorial series in partnership with Edukasyon where industry experts or field advocates teach you things that you wish you’d learned in class. I’m Erwan Heussaff, and for this course I’ll be taking you through five step-by-step modules on content creation and creativity. Since you’re watching this on the Internet you understand that it’s an increasingly digital world out there. The Internet is loaded with information that you consume on a daily or hourly basis. This is what you can call “content” and I’m pretty sure you know the names of the people or the companies that create it for you. This course is for you especially if you want to learn all about how content is created before it gets released onto your screens. Who controls it? Who writes it? And how does it get shared among your friends? This is especially important for you if you want your name added to that list of content creators. Whether you’re doing it as a job or as a hobby, this will help you out. Here’s what we’ll be talking about: In module one – that’s this video right here we’ll simply go through the course outline what to expect and what you’ll need to prepare for every time you sit down to watch a module. Next, I’ll take you through the history of content creation Really just talking about the journey that visionaries or artists went through over the years, and that eventually led us to the way online content is made today. Third, I’ll be talking about the importance of creating a brand for your online presence. And after that, I’ll walk you through the creative exercise I personally use to brainstorm my best ideas. And in the last module, we’ll go through project management and execution to make sure you can see your ideas through. By the end of these five modules, you should have the structure, the ideas, and the plans that will allow you to create amazing new content for the world to feast on. As you go through these videos it’ll be important for you to be able to take notes so you can try out the exercises that I’ll be talking about. A gadget is fine if that’s how you work best but I always recommend using a pen and paper. It just fuels more creativity. Next, we’re going to be talking a lot about goals and why exactly do you want to embark on this journey of creating content. When talking about this it’s really important to use the SMART goals framework: Be specific with yourself in terms of what you want to achieve. Ask yourself why are you doing this, and how are you going to get there. Keep your progress measurable. What do you need to achieve before you consider your content creation goals successful? Do you need to have published a certain number of posts? Reached a certain number of followers? Make sure it’s achievable with the current skills, time, or resources that are available to you. For example, if you want to get into Youtube, ask yourself some simple questions: Do you have the time to produce the content? Can you actually edit videos? Keep it relevant to your personality, your passions, your goals, your lifestyle. Maybe don’t get into this if you’re not really doing it for you. Lastly, make it time-bound. In other words, have a deadline for when it’s time to check how close you are to your goals. In the next video, I plan to give you a little context. What content is anyway and why do content creators even exist? I’m Erwan Heussaff, and this is Schooled a five-module step-by-step tutorial in partnership with Edukasyon.