Schooled (ABC) Trailer HD – The Goldbergs 1990’s spinoff

October 9, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

WHAT’S THE HARD PART ABOUT BEING A TEACHER IN THE SAME SCHOOL YOU USED TO BE A STUDENT? Here on out, it’s first names only. You got it. I wanna say Stanley? No. THE KIDS DON’T RESPECT ME… You’re wearing two different shoes. Shut up, nerd! Uh, valued student. …MY FORMER TEACHERS DON’T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY… You better hit me with a hall pass, little missy. Never mind, I forgot. You’re… I’m a teacher. …AND I’M STILL LEARNING ALL THE RULES. Let’s go to the caf and grab some fish sticks. Pretty sweet the teachers eat for free, am I right? Teachers do not eat for free. You’ve just been grabbing food without paying? No. BUT WITH A LITTLE BIT OF HELP… I THINK I’M GONNA BE OKAY. This job, the best teachers follow their hearts. No matter what. You’ll feel it, too Thanks, Coach. I need to go the nurse’s office. That move’s not gonna work with me. I’m the one who invented it. I have… Cramps. Way ahead of you. But this is… America and you have rights and I can’t stop you.