October 17, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hey Mrs.Jhon how are you doing today?Um, excuse me? Why are we here today? That’s your really good question. What difference do you see your daughter Elizabeth over here decided? To cheat from Jonathan. No way, isn’t it? That’s wrong. Are you kidding me? Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t be the only sheriff ever Okay, first off this is almost your fault because you should be watching over to my child That’s right. Huh. Don’t worry, sweetheart. We got this Anyways, my great-grandfather came here fifteen and a half thousand years ago all the way from Africa and you really think they’re cheaters Hell no. That’s right, honey. Let’s go. Okay, honey. I think we should call the police. No, no, we’re not gonna call the cops We are gonna call the White House. Mr. President is gonna come here and get you fire Oh, that’s gonna you should call the Obama. Oh, yeah, we will let’s go. Let’s go. You’re gonna get fired Sweetheart, do you want to come now? yeah By the way what’s your number Assalam u alikum …… Walikum Asalam Assalam u alikum Salam u alikum Assalam u alikum …what’s your name …Rasgullah Rasgullah … nice to meet you How is the progress of our daughter Bano’s progress… bit weakness can be seen What ? She don’t knows ABCD ….. It’s all right , it’s the beginning Ok Ok But the periodic table in chemistry No …. it’s to good …hydrogen , helium , lithium , beryllium … very goodIt’s to good She is my daughter … she can’t be wrong Maths ….. fail in mathematics What ? Oh no no alisha … sorry sorry 92 % in maths You joked.. Do some clapping fail in biology… Fail in biology …. She is failed Bano child ….ahhh …. why are you beating me Do born more kids like this …. born shameless kids we have only one kid Take of your cap In mannered person the time you waste on your makeup if you studied , you won’t get such marks In mannered …. and your teacher also stop for a minute …. all the time you beat me My blood cannot be incompetent … it is my believe In mannered women No no rasgullah look you I have to pray namaz listen to him first … you are continuously beating But there is no problem Actually she is passed Ok Ok …. she studies ABCD very well she got 95% Very good No child no I will see you at home you are staring me with your eyes by the way Bano tell how is your friend Rehman? Rehman ? who Rehman? …. you go school with him You know very well …. silent Get up You just go home … I will ask