Rotary Supports Education

September 12, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

A single act of good can go a long way. It can cross oceans, cure disease and create equality. As members of Rotary, we are people of action and our actions have the power to speak loud and clear. Our vision and commitment to finding solutions, keeps us connected to those
who need it most changing lives and creating
opportunities with our groundbreaking work in education and literacy. There are more kids enrolled in school now than at any other point in human history, which is why supporting teachers is key. In classrooms, our innovative approach
creates critical thinkers and big dreamers with the skills to achieve. Our global grants train teachers to use materials, new methods and technology to inspire and energize students of all ages. We believe education has the power to lift families up, make real change, modify behavior, create healthy habits and open minds. We believe that education creates security and safety in families so they can support, provide and make
informed, empowered decisions. Your contribution keeps students far and wide connected to a world of good. Every donation is an action that speaks
volumes, across classrooms communities and continents. Because the distance between an act of good and the lives of touches, isn’t as
vast as you might imagine. Learn how you can support the cause that means the most to you.