Rome International Scholars Program – University of Notre Dame

December 12, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

My name is Joe Strasz and I’m in Rome for the Rome International Scholars Program. [speaking Italian] I am finishing up some courses here at Roma Tre, working for the American Academy as well as continuing my research. The American Academy is an institution here devoted to study of the arts, architecture, and classical studies. The internship is putting together a finding aid for all of the materials from the Cosa archaeological site: thousands upon thousands of excavation notebooks and catalog cards and correspondences. It’s providing very practical work experience for me in the archaeological field and in archiving. One of the other major benefits of being able to work there is access to the Academy’s library, which has been absolutely phenomenal for completing my research. My research project is looking into the poetry of the Scuola Siciliana in the late 1200s and how their poetry then influenced the later work of Dante. I took a course here at the University of Roma Tre specifically dealing with ancient biographies of Dante. So I’m doing a lot of groundwork, building together a basis of knowledge on themes and history. It will then go on to be the basis of my senior thesis. The highlight of my time here has been my stay with my host family. It’s great practice for my Italian but also a wonderful way of getting to know some of the locals and really integrating into the culture. The Rome International Scholars Program is tailor-made for students, so whether that be finding your internship or choosing a research project or something as simple as picking what classes are going to be taking at an Italian university, no one student’s program will look exactly the same as any other students. I am exceptionally glad that I chose to do this. I’ve wanted to come to Italy for a very long time and study here. It has been 100% worth it.