Rhodes Scholars | Washington University

September 23, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Every time I see Jasmine on campus I’m
like… I don’t know. I scream inside. I just get really excited. I’m Mimi Borders. And I’m Jasmine Brown.
We’re Ervin’s. We’re sorority sisters. And we’re WashU’s newest Rhodes Scholars! Today, we’re going to answer questions from the community. Okay. First question! What inspired you to apply
for the Rhodes Scholarship? When we came in as freshmen Ervins,
we got to meet Josh Aiken, and he is the previous Rhodes
Scholar from 2014. And so meeting him, I realized that it was something that I
could do. And something that was possible for us. Did you two celebrate
together? We haven’t stopped! Give us your best British accent. -Ooooh, okay. I’m not good at accents. But…
-I’m very bad [at them]. I don’t even know if it’s true, but I just have this idea that they say jolly good. -Jolly good.
-Jolly good. I don’t think they say that in real life. Tell us something about the other that we don’t know but should. Describe in 15 seconds what the
other is studying. Okay, okay. So I feel like it’s about like black women during slavery possibly with emancipation… Kind of. Okay, I don’t know what Jasmine does
now. But at Oxford she’s going to be doing history of medicine. And she’s
interested in black women as doctors… Wanting to be doctors and that history.
-Correct Oh, wait you told us not to have long answers. We’ve just been talking. What is it like to be on the cover of a magazine? We’re on the cover of a magazine? Yeah, you didn’t know? They said in the email. Awww, we’re so cute I wish I would have done my makeup different that day, but that’s okay. This makes me happy because a lot of what we talked
about before we had gotten the Rhodes was like what would it mean for two black
women to win?
And how could us achieving our dreams facilitate other people
achieving theirs? Or giving them the motivation or, like, the belief that
they can also do these things that people think are impossible. -Mm-hmm Ok. Last one. Soon you will graduate. What do you want to say to the WashU Community? What do I want to say to the WashU community? Yeah. I guess I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much to the people who have stood by me and who have supported me and WashU has a lot of growing to do.
It’s becoming a better place for students of color, but it has a lot more
to do to become a place where students of color can all thrive and feel safe. So
onward. I would say to the students that you have more power than you think, and
if there’s something that — if you feel like there’s a need or something’s wrong, your
voice matters, and you can make a difference. To all the
amazing professors and administrators who invested time in me and believed in
me, and all the students, too, thank you. Keep being amazing I’ll miss you all. Thanks for watching this episode of Mimi and Jasmine answer your questions Bye! Bye! Bye, WashU!