REDEMPTION – Ep. 1 – Changing of the Seasons

October 5, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

– [Player] Let’s go! – [Coach] Shut up and take it like a man. Shut up and take it like a man. – The motto for the
year is redemption 2019. We’re going to redeem ourselves. You know, last season was very interesting just in regards of we had solid talent. At the same time our culture
wasn’t right and that’s on me. I gave guys probably a
little bit too much leeway. I probably gave some guys
a little bit too much trust And then when adversity hit,
their character was revealed and the character wasn’t good. – [Turp] We had a lot of guys
that couldn’t take coaching. Everybody wanted to talk back and do they own thing
and shine they own way. – [Matt] For a lot of guys,
this could be it for them. This could be the end of the line. It’s guys that are pushed up
in a corner in a lot of ways and they’re doing every
single thing that they can to get out of that corner and
make it to the next level. – [Coach] Yes, you’re
gonna make some mistakes. Yes, problems are gonna occur but own it. Just accept it, move on,
make the proper change so you can become a better
person, a better player and a better member of society. – You know what I’m saying? they were going through it. I want these guys to leave
here, one, with their degree. But also, two, have an
experience so they can look back. Man, I had this brotherhood
at Long Beach City College, at Long Beach City College Football. We came together and we had this experience with coaches and players. – Like this year, you can
tell like it’s not individual. We all want, everybody
wants to win and get out. – Fight.
– Let’s go! – Fight.
– Let’s go. – Let’s go, fight. – Here we go.
– Yeah! – [Coach] And that’s kind of
why I’ve stayed in JCs too for so long is in fact the relationships. – No racism today.
– No racism today. (relaxed electronic music) – [Flynn] Crazy, I’ve
known Coach P, I’m 34. I’ve know Coach Peabody since I was 13. – Jared, go call whatever you want. – I know what to expect from him, he knows what to expect from me and it kind of works seamlessly. – [Sweet Lew] I’m very optimistic
when it comes to this team because I see the talent
and I know what talent is. And they have a lot. They just have to play like, you know, sometimes you gotta use that
big ego out there to win games. You gotta know you’re the best. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Flynn] We got some really
talented guys on offense. Zion Bowens, he’s a
special, special athlete. His acceleration, his
speed, it’s world class. – [Zion] My name is Zion Bowens
from Long Beach, California. I went to Long Beach Poly High School. Born and raised in Long Beach. – [Neo] He’s a local kid,
Long Beach Poly product. He’s a speedster, he can run, the kid’s great catching the ball. Great after catching the ball. – There it is. – [Patterson] Teshawn Turpin,
he’s the anchor of the O-line. He’s a pleasure to be
around, really good kid. – [Turp] Don’t pinch me Jimmy. – I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I bounced back to the LBCC to give myself a second opportunity to play ball again. – [Neo] He loves to talk,
he does not shut up. – [Turp] He don’t like me
messin’ with him like that. You know you like it. – [Coach] He occasionally talks too much trash in practice, he drives me nuts and messes up my tempo but
he cares about his teammates, he cares about his coaches,
he likes being coached. – [Turp] Zion, come here. Come give me a hug, bro,
you’ll be all right. – [Neo] He’s their captain. – [Turp] Coming to you live, go Vikings. (upbeat music) – [Shane] I’m Shane Irwin,
I play defensive end slash outside linebacker here
at Long Beach City College. Number nine, I’m gonna bounce back from San Diego State and I’m
just trying to make it. – [Patterson] Shane Irwin,
he’s like Captain America, man. – [Shane] My goals are obviously to make it back to a Division I school. – [Flynn] I saw Shane play a
bunch of times in high school I was so excited when I heard we were gonna get him
back from San Diego State. He’s a special talent, I
fully expect him to go Pac-12. – [Shane] I do think I could
play at a higher level. So I’m shooting for Power Five, Pac-12. – [Flynn] D’Anthony, he’s
one of the best players, if not the best player I’ve ever coached. The things he can do, it’s insane. Six-three, 255 and he’s as fast as almost every single one of our
receivers, if not faster. – [DA] DA, D’Anthony Jones,
everybody call me DA. I’m back this year, I’m back this game after missing the previous one. I’m just here to help,
get everybody turnt, get the energy going. – [Patterson] That guy
is very, very talented. Quickest first step off the ball I’ve seen in my 32 years on this
planet to be honest. High temper guy but also a high motor guy and you put those two
together on the field, it’s something fierce. – [Flynn] He’s gonna have a boatload of offers at the end of the season. – [Patterson] Limited
direction growing up. He’s still learning to come into his own. – [DA] I keep missing (beep). (beep) – [Matt] There’s a lot of good stories in Long Beach City College football. You know, whether it’s guys that are talented enough to go on to the next level to a four year university
but need maturity, time to mature academically or it’s guys that are there academically but need a little bit more time to kind of develop in a college system. – [DA] Everybody knows me, you know? Cool guy, ill-tempered guy but you know, this year I’m doing really well with it. The coaching staff really
helped me and my teammates. I live with my uncle, dad
left when I was about like 10. I grew up a foster kid,
got out when I was 17. So I really love LBCC, it’s helped me learn how to control my
temper for the next level. – [Shane] Once I decided I wasn’t gonna be playing at San Diego anymore, Peabody had reached out to
me and he was just like, “Come have fun with it again.” And Peabody really did that for me and he’s been nothing but
helpful in this whole process and I really appreciate
everything he’s done for me. – [Zion] He’s the type of coach that you want to play for and do good for and I look forward to making him proud. – [Coach] Let’s go, this can’t happen. Come on, we got a game in two days. – [DA] But he’s just a
great dude, loving dude. That man did so much for me. I’ve been going through things a little while ago in my life
that was really tough for me and he’s just one of the
people, him and Flynn, I go to them and I talk
to them ’cause you know, I need that, I don’t
have that fatherly love, someone to guide me, you know? He’s like a, it sound kinda weird but like a second father to me
that helped me a lot. I know I didn’t have the grades part. So Peabody got me here, talked to me more about schooling and life than football and things like that
is important, you know? They get these kids out here and just talk about football and don’t talk about life after football or academics. – [Melody] So the Student
Athlete Success Center, we’ve tried to make it mandatory
in the sense that we would like each student to use it
a minimum two hours a week. Even if every coach was full time here, it’s still, to track them for 16 weeks to every single class is just
a lot of work for anybody. – [Flynn] In the quarterback
room, we have a rule. If they don’t get a 3.5, they have conditioning at
the end of the semester and it’s a brutal conditioning. – [Zion] Classes for me are a
priority before anything else. So that’s just been the main thing that I’ve been on top of just
so I can play football. – [DA] Just go in there in her office and bug her, talk to her every day. Go check grades, make sure I’m on track. – [Zion] She’s like a huge
part to the football team and without her, a lot
of people wouldn’t know where they would be going. – [Melody] So take care of it now. – [Talone] So do I go to
Admissions or do I go to– – [Melody] Stop by
admissions and records first. – [Talone] Okay. – [Melody] And then if they
send you to Counseling, it’s right there. – I’ve never had this issue before. If I have any questions with Melody or any questions just on school issues in general, I’ll just ask her. She’ll let me know, she’ll
guide me, help me out. I mean we’re all a team
trying to get outta here and she’s one of the gateways outta here. – Thanks, Melody.
– Pat. Great to see you, I hope
you have a great day. – Oh my god, you are so nice. – I wish they had had this
at my previous institutions in that it allows them (chuckles), those three are all very
good football players too. (relaxed electronic music) Some do just come for the
peanut butter and jelly but I mean that’s a big thing too ’cause if you think about it, how
many students are hungry and are experiencing some kind of food insecurity or
even housing insecurity? – She loves us too, cares
about us and that’s just the type of love we get
here, especially from her. – Yes, they’re a little rough
around the edges sometimes and some really do come
from some tough backgrounds but at the end of the day, they’re really, really good students and really good guys. I’m honored to be working with them. – [Flynn] Football ends for everybody, no matter how good you
are, no matter how long. You could play in the NFL for five, six, 10 years but at some point it’s gonna end and you gotta be able to
fall back on education. So we push that strong and in reality, it doesn’t matter how
good you are at football. If you don’t have the grades, you’re not going anywhere anyways. (metallic clattering) (relaxed guitar music) – [Quarterback] They’re catching me, dude. – Relax, relax, relax. – [Coach] The accountability’s
been there this off season. The motto for the year is redemption 2019. We’re going to redeem ourselves. Now at the same time, we have
a brutally tough schedule. Six of the 10 teams on
our schedule were ranked in front of us, so it’s gonna
be a tremendous challenge. I am a little concerned
about the kicking game. We’re developing a kicker. (clank)
– Oh. – [Coach] Come on, Fredo. – I actually just hired, who will start working with us soon, he’s gotta go through
the volunteer process but I’m gonna pay a guy 200
bucks a month outta my pocket. He was a kicker we had
here who went to UCLA and he worked with Fredo
one day on the side and had him looking really good. The kid went eight of nine that day. (screaming) He’s got a lot of leg talent, he just doesn’t have a lot
of football experience. – [Player] Come on, man. We gonna be going for it on fourth down. – [Coach] Hey, hey, hey. – The team’s got the message
that I will manage him, the kicking coach will
manage him, stay positive with the kid ’cause he’s
learning, he’s developing. I think I’m really good at reading the body language and facial expressions and you could just see him
starting to break down. That’s why I addressed it at the end on the side, away from Fredo. The one thing I love about this team and I love about our coaching staff, this team in particular
really listens well and they respond and there’s
a great level of trust. Here we go. Hey, way to go, Fredo.
(team cheering) – There we go.
– Hell yeah. – TJ, you guys get outta the red, eh? Thank you. – [Neo] He’s very honest,
he’s very brutally honest but some of these kids kind
of need this kind of honesty because they’re not going
to be able to make it if they don’t have this kind of honesty. – [Player] I’m trying to
get him outta the way. – Why are you here?
– Why are you here? – Where are you supposed to be in a game? You’re back here in a game, right? You’re not even inside
the red during a game. You are, no, come on,
let’s get used to it. No, are you gonna listen
or are you gonna go home? Your pick. Players are outside of the red box. The coaches coach here,
this is for the rest. – [Player] Tell him not to–
– No, no. – [Player] Joker, Joker, Joker. – You don’t have to worry about it. [Coach] I’ll give you
your cutting papers, bro. – [Neo] ‘Cause he’ll just treat you like you’re just a dime a dozen. We’ll get rid of you and we’ll
find the next guy, you know? (whistle blaring) – [Coach] Practice, I was
actually pleased overall. We actually had some distractions out there which you guys got to see which don’t happen often but we’ve handled the one situation with a disgruntled fan or whatever you want to call the guy. I consider a fan someone that actually roots and supports and
is positive with the team as opposed to being
negative and criticizing and attacking coaches and
players and what have you. I am eliminating all distractions around here on the perimeter this year. You saw earlier, I’m not
having that this year. We’re gonna have a great season. We’re all gonna stay united, we’re gonna stay together
and we’re gonna get it done. (relaxed guitar music) Right now, if you are late to roll, we’re gonna go right down the roster, if you’re late to roll,
you roll on Monday. Two, your breakfast starts on time at? – Nine.
– Nine, right after that. Do not lose the game
tonight or Friday night. Take care of yourself,
take care of your body. Have some personal discipline. If you’re a weed guy, take
a break, you’ll be smarter. All right? Don’t be out drinking
and getting dehydrated. Don’t go drinking a bunch of soda and eat a bunch of crap food out there. Eat right, start fast and let’s
get outta there with the W. But I liked the intensity of practice. The guys were focused, we were actually scheduled to have a practice
today but due to their effort, I felt like hey, you guys take a day, get away, go hydrate, get off your feet. Make sure you’re eating right because we have a long day ahead tomorrow. (relaxed ensemble music) (chattering) – You ain’t gettin’ no syrup. – Look, they even got it on camera. – Forced fumble thats underneath a pick,
need a pick. (overlapping voices) – [Player] The Rams. – The Rams have been garbage. – (speaking of Pakers) Then we won in 2010 and then we won in ’97 with Brett Farve. – Muscle hamster, muscle
hamster, ready to go. (chattering) – [Coach] The damn bus company is saying somebody canceled the second bus. So now they’re scrambling
to get us another bus. It’s so freakin’ annoying. Unbelievable though, unbelievable. Yeah, so we’ll figure it out. How far are they? If it’s gonna take them 15
minutes to get mobilized, then how far away is the damn bus place? – [DA] Turp’s an “in-the-moment” type guy. He’s just trying to get
ready, that’s it, you know? That’s my boy. Hey, Turp! (laughing) He’s like you know, the
fearless leader on the O-line. He kinda run the offense
if you ask me, you know? Cleveland people are different. – [DA] I’ll pull up some old John for you. – We got a bunch of John videos. – I got you, I’m gonna show
you a whole lotta John. Look at him. John’s on this one.
– Which one? – [Turp] Look at him, like what he doing? – [Coach] Yeah. Okay. All right. Yeah, appreciate ya, yep, bye. on the bus now. – [Bus Driver] They don’t
look like football players. (laughs) It’s always interesting, first road trip. (mid tempo drumbeat) – [Sportscaster] Quarterback Garrett West, the redshirt freshman hitting Zion Bowens, Long Beach Poly from Air Force, LBCC up seven-O, Bowens’ fired up. Next scoring play, West hitting Taj Wright and then a double pass to Bowens. Zion balling out, the one-handed grab. He was a track star at Poly
as well as a football player. But showing off the football chops. The running back Talon
Patten out of St. Anthony. He was out her bruising
guys for Grossmont. Just plowing straight
ahead over defenders. It was just all Vikings in this one. They led 48 to 10 at one point, go on to win it easily, 55 to 24 but next week will not be an easy one. LBCC hosting Mt. SAC in a rivalry series that has been terrific
for the last decade.