OU Scholarships Transform Lives

September 24, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

When I received a scholarship it meant a dream deferred would happen. It would be completed. Scholarship brought the economic means but also game me a moral means you know to continue to keep pushing through. A scholarship means that I’m gonna be at a very good place to get more experience as an educator and to be able to even pursue my master’s degree. Going through this program I came out with such a unique set of experiences that were greater than I could have even imagined. I actually ran out of the house screaming like yes, you know. Just another someone to realize that your hard work deserved you know some recognition and some assistance that was awesome. I received the Critical Difference Scholarship. The Larry Chonovich Legacy Scholarship. The Hailey Brouilet Study Abroad Scholarship. I’m a Keeper of the Dream recipient of the 2018 year. To the donors, I am so thankful for you. Thank you for helping me, thank you for helping everybody else that has received a scholarship it means more than you even know. You may not realize that your donations have changed the trajectory of my family household. It really just gave me an opportunity to develop as a student and as a person, and I’m entirely grateful for it. I chose Oakland University because they have a tight knit community, with smaller class sizes and it just felt like a really personal university. I wanted to meet new people I wanted to experience new things and I feel like Oakland gave me that opportunity. To those who are creating scholarships, you’re doing more than just creating a scholarship you’re creating an experience for someone which you may spark an interest that they didn’t know that they had in themselves so you’re giving a student reassurance in things that they can do. You’re presence here at Oakland University really provides us an example to explore our opportunities. For assisting students like myself with similar circumstances it is greatly appreciated and from the depths of my heart I am grateful.