Online Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership – Colorado State University

October 8, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

I think it’s important to have a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership because our campuses are shifting and changing. Some of the issues that our college campuses are facing are different than what I faced when I was an undergraduate, and I think it’s important to understand what kind of changes we can make to inform our universities, our leaders, to shift in certain ways that will promote healthy learning environments for all students. My name is Susana Muñoz. I’m an associate professor in the school of education. I’m also the director of the higher education leadership program. We meet twice a year, face to face. And the rest of the time, students are engaged in the classroom via Zoom. They develop community and engage with faculty members. I think that brings in a unique experience that our students are able to gain perspective from students that are working at tribal colleges, historically black institutions, community colleges, as well as our private and large public institutions. We really center equity and justice in all we do. We want to allow our students to have conversations with one another but also back on their campuses around these challenging issues. More importantly, we want students to come away with an understanding of themselves, of who they are, their own history… how they’ve received messages around issues of equity, issues of power, issues of identity. Our research really informs our practice and so we bring in the cutting-edge research, not only that the current faculty here at Colorado State are doing, but all of our colleagues across the nation are doing around campus issues. I think, as faculty, we’re interested in cultivating the next generation of scholar-practitioners, transformational leaders, researchers that are really engaged in meaningful ways and deep ways that they are able to be comfortable with the language, be comfortable with the tools that we’ve provided, and be comfortable with themselves and their own voice as a transformational leader.