NSP Application process | national scholarship portal 2019-20

December 7, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Friends, welcome to “Our_Learning_World” Friends, in this video, I will tell you how to apply for National Scholarship. Friend, to apply for “National_Scholarship”, new students have to register first. I have already made a video for how to register on “National_Scholarship_Portal”, Which you can see by clicking on the top bar. Link is also available in description. Friends, after the new registration, the application ID we have received, Login through that and apply for the National Scholarship. Type NSP in the browser and search. Click on the link of National Scholarship Portal. You have been directed to the national scholarship homepage. If you are applying for first time National_Scholarship, Then click on New Registration. And if you have already applied, and want to renew now, then click on login. Click on New Registration. For fresh registration, click on “New User Registration”. And if you have registered and have not applied for national scholarship, Or want to know the application status, then click on “Login to Apply”. This is the login box. Fill the application ID here. And enter the changed password here. We have already changed the password, If you have not yet changed the password, change it. Fill the captcha here. If you don’t understand captcha, So you can also take another captcha from here. Click on “Login”. If you have forgotten the password, click on Forgot password, And create the password again. Friends, the home page of “Student_Scholarship_Account” has been opened. We can check the application status from here. To apply the form, click on the application form. This is the details of registration. The details which have been given at the time of registration, are automatically filled. There is no need to fill them. Fill the fields which are empty. Select the religion of the student from here. And choose community or category from here. Write the name of the student’s father. And write the mother’s name here. Write annual-family-income here. Here Aadhaar number, mobile number are filled. Choose scholarship from here. Choose the type of scholar, day scholar or hostler, Whether the student stays in the hostel or not. We choose the day-scholar here. Fill academic details here. To choose the name of the institute or school, click here. Choose the state of the school from here, and choose the district from here. Click here to search. All school or college names are available here. Select the target school name from these. This list is very long, it is very difficult to search the name of the school, We have another option. We can search the school by entering the U-DICE code from here. Let us search by entering the U-DICE code of the school here. Select the name of the school. The school name has been entered. Choose current class or course. Write the current class starting date, Choose the mode of study. Last examination pass class will be automatically filled here, You can also change it from here. Write the year in which the class has passed. Write down what percentage of the previous class passed. If the student has participated in the competition examination, fill the details in this line. Write exam qualification here And here, by which the examination is formed, choose it from this list. Fill in the roll number of the competitive exam here. And fill the exam year here And if the student has not participated in the competition examination, leave this line blank. Fill the details of fees in this line. Write the admission fees here and the tuition fees here by year. Write other fees here. Fill the basic details of the student here. Are students orphans or not? If the student is an orphan, select Yes. And write the name of the student’s guardian here. And if the student is not an orphan, select “NO” here. If the student is disabled, you should choose a disability from here. And select “Yes” here. And choose the type of disability from this list. And write disability percentage here, According to disability card, write percentage here. If the student is not disabled, select “NO” here. Enter marital status here, Whether the student is married or not, We choose unmarried here. Select the profession of the student’s family. If there is any of these, select it. If not in this list, select “Other”. Bank’s IFSC code and account number are already filled in here. Who we had already filled at the time of registration, You should check it once. Save the form from here and continue. You are directed to the next page of the form, Fill in the student contact details here. The state is already a field, Select a district from here. Select Balok from here. Enter the house number or address here. Write a pincode here. Choose plan details here. Tick pre-matric scholarship for minorities. Upload the document here. If the scholarship amount is less than fifty thousand rupees, there is no need to upload the document, And if the scholarship amount is fifty thousand rupees or more, then the document has to be uploaded. Friends, what documents do we have to upload here, For that, save the draft of this form, And click download. From here, download the document, which you will upload here. Bonified student certificate is ready here, Print this certificate from here. Stick a student photo on it, and write the roll number. Get the institute stamped, get the principal signed and a contact number. Scan this file, and upload it here. After that, submit the application from here. Print a copy of this record from here. It has all the details of the student. Frinds, thus the application has been submitted successfully. If you click on the application form again, here you will see, “Application has been submitted”. From here you can check the status of your application. Currently your application status is “Application under process for verification at Institute level”. If you have not printed the application, or your printed application is lost, So you can print again from here. You can change the password from here. Click Logout to exit. Friends, in the video you saw how to apply for the scholarship on the national-scholarship-portal. Remember, the application process is possible after registration. Our channel has a video related to the registration process, Which you can see by clicking on the bar above. Its link is also available in the description, you can see it from there. Subscribe to our channel to be aware of new updates related to scholarship. Thank you