Never Give Up – Scholarship Fundraiser

October 14, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[music] I grew up in Mexico, in northern Mexico
in a relatively poor family, but very, very supportive parents. Well I remember when I was going to
college in Mexico you know we didn’t have a lot of money. It
was my two brothers and I living together in a really, really small house.
We never had a car. I had to take a bus. Weekends it was very, very hard to even find the money to buy food so
for us we were visiting relatives you know my aunt and my uncle, “how are you guys doing,” with the idea that we’re going to have dinner there. I feel very very strongly about education and I identify with the struggles that my students have. I went through some of the same problems that they had. You have to make decisions between
getting a job or struggling with a half-time job so
you can go to school. You can’t do both sometimes and to me giving a little bit back to my students is very important. The panel diagnosis it was that it was in the
most advanced stage. Stage four colon cancer. It had metastasized to the liver, and it was not giving a lot of time. I was given six
months… six-to-eight months. I have my good days and I have my bad
days, but overall I think the with this type of diagnosis gives you a really good perspective in life. It really focuses your attention in what is truly important and to me that his family
and friends. Some of the students that don’t get the
support that they need from their parents and they
drop out, and it’s a shame and there is very little we can do to help them ones they are not at school. I went through some on the same struggles that I see
my students are going through right now. The issue of my health I can see it in my students sometimes too. The lack of emotional support, I see it so often with my students that it really bothers me. I relate to them in
so many different ways. So I started this scholarship because I went to through some of the financial struggles that my students are going through right now and this was
important to me. The idea that, “what if the financial piece is missing
for them?” This is something that I a have wanted
to do since I was little. I remember I was nine-years-old and we were driving through southern Mexico with my family, and like at seven in the morning my mom woke
me up and I remember looking through the
window that bus and looking at that mountain. It was just very magnetic. It was something that I wanted to do back then. And I guess right now it’s
about the right time for me. I have always liked endurance sports. I think I have the right set of skills and attitude for it, the determination, the tenacity, the idea that it takes a long time to
accomplish, but you don’t give up just because something gets hard. We have all been helped in some way and
I was helped a lot during my college years. I got scholarships from the government, the U.S. government, from the Mexican government. In the case of my students I see that some of them really resilient, very determined to get what they want. This scholarship is just gonna make it easier for them. But there are others in which it’s
make-or-break. If they don’t have the money, they will just
drop out. Once we lose them, we lose them forever, they don’t come back. [music]