MSU Denver School of Education: Why Become a Teacher?

October 19, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[ Music ]>>Hello, and welcome to the
Metropolitan State University of Denver School of Education. My name is Elizabeth
Hinde and I’m Dean of the School of Education. Please, take a few minutes
to visit our website or come and visit us in person,
to learn about all of our fantastic programs
and opportunities. If you’re interested in becoming
a teacher, or you are a teacher who wants to enhance
your skills, this is the place for you.>>Why be a teacher? Because it’s phenomenal.>>I know I want to transform
and change children’s lives.>>Teaching is something that
you really feel a calling to do.>>I wanted a– a real way to
give back to the community.>>To hear the parents talk about how much the kids
love to come to school. It’s what just gets me going.>>Here at MSU Denver School
of Education you’ll be taught by faculty from all over
the country and some of the greatest institutions,
who have extensive experience in teaching in schools, as
well as higher education. They’re excellent
instructors who are committed to teaching and children.>>We are researchers and
we are scholars as faculty but most importantly
we’re teachers. I think that when students
leave MSU Denver we’re not done with them forever. I tell my classes, “We
don’t have to break up.”>>All the professors
have classroom experience. All the things that
they’re teaching you, it is because they’re
preparing you to get out there and be successful.>>I’ve never had the
opportunity to work with such a diverse
and life prepared group of learners like I have here.>>They’re really in
that mentor position. So, they really want
to see you succeed.>>That’s what really
made it different, was they took a personal
interest in me, and I saw they took
a personal interest in all of their students.>>We’re dedicated
to preparing people who will teach the next
generation of teachers and leaders, who will take the
lead in schools and communities and who will transform children
in schools for the good of all. Teach, lead, transform,
It’s what we do.>>The more submerged in this
school and the environment that I was, the more I was madly
in love with not only the design but the program, the curriculum
and the School of Education.>>It’s the diversity and it’s
the down to earth teaching. It’s real — it’s real life. It felt good to be
there as a student. You didn’t want it to end.>>Our classrooms are
very diverse now-a-days and MSU Denver, it’s
amazing at teaching us how to differentiate our lessons
or how to teach those students with diverse backgrounds.>>I have a theoretical
background so you kind of have an idea of why kids
behave the way they do. Having that information
is only going to make me a better teacher.>>What really sets MSU Denver’s
teacher prep apart is the partnerships that it creates.>>To get our students
quality, purposeful, consistent field experience
all throughout their education brings relevance to what
we try to teach them.>>We have some fantastic
candidates here from MSU Denver. They owned it. They took responsibility
in their own learning. These are teachers, truly,
that are taking responsibility in their own learning.>>They are incredibly
fast learners. They are willing to really
work on their craft and dig in and work with the
children as well.>>Portion of us being able
to find our individuality and find our uniqueness
in who we are as an educator is
found in the classroom.>>I know it’s a cliché that
people say that teachers, they change lives,
they make a difference but they really, really do. They really do change lives.>>Teaching is a
great profession. You have the opportunity
to be on the front line of making a real
difference in the lives of the next generation. Teaching requires hard work,
long hours, knowledge of content and a deep understanding of how
children and young adults learn. It’s not an easy profession
but the payoff of working with children and families
every day, of being a huge part of students’ lives as they
develop into productive members of society, of playing a
role in who they will become and what the next generation of this country’s leaders
will be like is enormous. Teaching truly allows
you to play a role in shaping the future. So, thank you for your interest
in the School of Education at MSU Denver please visit our
website and come by and see us. [ Music ]