Microsoft HoloLens: Evolving Education with Lifeliqe

October 14, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

>>Being able to bring
in something like HoloLens with Mixed Reality, or something that LifeLiqe
has done with 3D objects, helps us educate kids
in a different way.>>So, in LifeLiqe I make sure that we really create tools for learning and teaching. We’ve been creating interactive
3D models for years now.>>LifeLiqe gives
teachers and educators, students the ability to look at objects in multiple
different dimensions. So instead of looking
at a flat image in a textbook or on a picture, you can see it and rotate it. You can look at how it
compares in scale and size.>>Our Mixed Reality
experience is something that brings
learning even farther.>>It was really cool. I was able to actually look around, not just look at a flat picture.>>You could walk around and I felt like I was
actually there.>>The visual aspect, the interaction with
the LifeLiqe models was also something that made explaining difficult topics
much easier for students.>>Even with the textbook, we couldn’t take them
to the inside of a cell. We couldn’t have them look at the circulatory system
in the same way.>>I was looking at a blood
vessel and blood components. With the 3D, you could walk around and then you
could see the back, top, and you could look at it
from different perspectives, and you can understand what
you’re looking at better.>>So we really wanted to
make sure that the app, that this learning
experience goes way beyond just a cool effect, but that it really brings the real value
in the classroom.>>I think that
makes learning fun. A lot as kids come to school,
the kind of direct school, but I think this will make learning really fun and to
kind of what you want to do.>>There are students in all
of our classrooms who have passions that aren’t covered in the traditional curriculum. But things like HoloLens
can start getting kids excited about looking at the intersections of
art and technology of coding and how those
are used in industries. The future of technology in education is
incredibly exciting, not only for researchers and
teachers, but for students.