Malaysian Governemnt Scholarship Student

October 25, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[music] Hi, my name is Rajivan Krishnan. I’m from Malaysia, only a second
year of Bachelor of Actuarial Studies in Macquarie University. I’m currently a full scholarship student from the
Malaysian government, and I was given the choice to choose any university
in Australia. I came across
Macquarie University, that they were offering Bachelor of Actuarial Studies. I later on researched on which
university should I go on. I had a few to choose from for
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, and after making my research, I found out that
Maquarie University, they were more experienced
in Actuarial Studies. They were teaching
Actuarial Studies for the longest years in one of the longest
institutes in Australia. So that’s the reason why I chose Macquarie University
to do my Bachelor’s. Last summer, I did
PACE in India, it was a finance and
admin internship. Basically what I did
was, I supported the finance and admin staff in Restless
Development, which is a youth-led non-profit
organisation. I did internal auditing,
I did spot reviews, I did a finance manual. I did a
lot of finance stuff for them. Before doing my degree,
I was not sure whether I would
actually like what I was studying. But thanks to
Macquarie University, I was given the opportunity to take up PACE. When
I went to India to do my finance internship, I got a hands-on experience of
what I actually do in class. So thanks to them,
I actually want to pursue my studies. I have the passion to
pursue my studies. When I came to Sydney
in my first year, I was all alone. It was the first week of uni,
and before class started, I was sort of alone.
I had no friends, and stuff. But
during a week, when all the stalls were open and I saw the Malaysian
Society, when I joined, that was the first
time I met friends. In a way, I would say, that the
students who go to Macquarie Uni sort of helped me to like
Sydney, and in a way, sort of helped me to adapt in Macquarie Uni and anywhere
in Sydney as well. So as days passed,
I got adapted. I had friends, I had
teachers helping me, I had lecturers helping me even
with studies I don’t know. So now, I kind of like it. I kind of love this place. Whenever I go back to
Malaysia, I’m like, “Oh, I miss Macquarie. I wish I’m back there.” [music]