LSU Discover Scholars | Abby Caffey

September 28, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

It’s a great experience to start early
with doing research and to get an idea about how research works. ♪♪ It’s really satisfying to me to get an LSU Discover Grant and then to know that everything that I’ve been working on is contributing to something bigger, and
my findings are particular to me and not everyone knows what I’ve been finding. So that’s exciting. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with a rare chronic pain disorder, and there’s not much known about my disorder. It’s called reflex
sympathetic dystrophy and just being in and out of doctors for years and not
knowing what’s going on with me, it got me really interested in cognition and
neurological functioning. Basic purpose of my study is to evaluate whether
cognitive impairments transfer into young adulthood when a sports-related
concussion was sustained in late childhood or early adolescence. For my experiment, we’ve been looking at concentration and attention level as
well as response time and response inhibition. I analyzed the data for my
participants, and then we’ve looked at further research to see how my data and
other research correspond with each other. What we so far see is very
interesting. We have pretty clear effects for specific cognitive functions that
are linked to a specific network in the brain, so it looks like that these young
adults with the history of concussion from high school have slightly cognitive dysfunctions with their response inhibition. I definitely feel way, sometimes out of my element, but like way better about
myself. It’s more empowering.