Los Santos High School II

February 28, 2020 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

The leader of Grove Street Families Shawn “Sweet” Johnson is finally under arrest after torching his own high school. He is going away to jail for a very long time. All y’all ‘r bitchez! I can’t believe this, man! What’s wrong with this place? Another day – same shit Mothefuckers! Crack hoes! Shut the fuck up, scum! Police asshole! Hello, I’m glad all of you are alive. It’s sad to see our school burn like this, but don’t worry we will fix this in one weekend easy. Since I know that none of you don’t want to waste any valuable study time, You all are going to be taken to study biology right in center of the nature this weekend. It also gives all of you the chance to meet your new biology teacher and to get to know him better over the weekend. Ay, where we going? Shady Creeks, mothefucker. ♪ Ice Cube – Good Cop Bad Cop Remix ♪ Alright, listen up This is the place you all are going to stay in. Your new teacher is behind the bus. You’re going to go and make a bonfire with him. Have fun, kids! Where are you going, busta? I’m going to San Fierro to get fucked up on hookers and cocaine. By the way, I’m not your teacher anymore, so yeah, peace out, motherfuckers! Hey hold up, dude! Oh, shit! Hey asshole! Who the fuck are you? ♪ Cypress Hill – Hit From The Bong ♪ Hey fellow, well met. Namaste. Wassup, man? Hey, come on, move it. Do you know how many government satelites are watching any citizen at any moment? No 23 Do you know how many religious relics are kept at the Pentagon? No, I don’t 23 You see a pattern emerging here, man? No Hey, you wanna hit on this? No, I don’t. Give me that damn water! Damn, homie your stuff is tight. It’s good shit. AHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!!! Did you hear that? Man, this is a really bad vibe. CJ! Look, over there! A’ight, I’m on it. Where you at? Where are you? You’re giving me the heebie-jeebies, man. Man, I must be crazy. Deep in this shit now. Deep in this shit. I just gonna concentrate on getting do there some lie. Man, go out like this? Can’t go out like no bitch. Damn! What is that? What you looking at, punk? Go fuck yourself, fool! *Bigfoot roaring* Ahahaha, this fool took a fall! That’s my brother! Let’s get up out of here! Me first!
Go, go, go! Get us the fuck out of here now! Ah, come on baby, go on. Carl, stop doing that, you’ll get pimples. Sorry, man, I got a whole lot on my mind. You’ve seen the astral goat around here? What that mean? I have an astral goat called Herbie, she’s faster than most, but getting old. Yeah, whatever man, you talking shit. Tell me on the best. You’re incredible, you should get paid for this. Hey Carl, give me a hand here! A’ight, lead the way. God, I hope there no polar bears around here. Polar bears? Polar bears can sure be a downer. Whoa..
Ok. Holy shit! Look out, dude! Oh, shit! *Polar bear roaring* Murder that fool! Blast that cocksucker! Shoot? I’m a hippie. The only thing I’ve shot is acid. I heard of a dude snorted it once. Thought his nose was a kangaroo and the moon was a dog! WOOOO! Stay the fuck away from me, you mothefucker! You move or I’ll get Herbie on you! It is a fight you want! *Herbie appearing* Wow! I thought you were a hallucination. Fuck those punks up! ♪ Royalty Free Metal – Spartacus!!! ♪ Kill those punks! Execute them! *Annihilation incoming* Kill him! Holy shit! Oh, man that’s mess! Holy shit! Ok, I’ve seen enough. Hey sexy lady. It’s your lucky night, girl. Oh, you gonna have such a good time. *zipper sound* That’s my magic thing. CJ!!!! Oh, shit! You punk! Denise, I swear I didn’t do shit! It’s over between us, CJ. I’m sorry, baby. My bad. It’s all good. Asshole, goodbye. I’m sorry! You know the parable of the wise sheep, Carl? Nah, I don’t think I do. Well, you should pay attention when I’m gonna say. Ok. The wise sheep does what he says, and only eats the greenest grass, while the foolish sheep gets eaten alive by heathens. What are you talking about? I’m thinking of going into the ministry later in life. Just testing shit out. Whatever. Shh. Something ain’t right here. What is that? *sound of walking on the grass* Something ain’t right here, man. I know what you trying to do and you ain’t go crawling inside my head. Hey, man! It’s OG Loc, homie! OG Loc! What the..? You’re in here too? You’re a stalker or some shit? Man, I don’t give a shit! I’m a hygiene techician. *OG Joke cowardly screams* What the fuck? *Bigfoot roaring* Shit! Damn! Oh, man we gonna die! *sound of a shot* What the fuck? What is up everyone? You all thought that I would leave you all behind, didn’t you? Well, you thought wrong. Now look at this ugly motherfucker. Am I tripping or i am getting higher ? Fuck this! We gotta get outta here. Yes, you do need to get out of here. Because tomorrow morning is your final examinations. Oh, hell.. NOOOOOOO!!!! ♪ Kevin MacLeod – Lobby Time ♪