Linamar scholarships for women in engineering and business

October 10, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

We wanted to invest in women in engineering and Western was the perfect choice. We have a dual degree opportunity in engineering and business, so really it has all the elements of what we were looking for. There’s so many benefits to choosing to do a dual degree with Ivey because with engineering you get the technical side. But then with business you get the networking side the people skills you need to shape your career. Scholarships and bursaries, they’re so important to students They help us get through the year and make things a little bit easier for us a little more flexible. It really helps students take their future into their hands and really say okay that I can do a degree I can go to university because now I have the financial stability to do so. It’s a great opportunity to really learn how a business runs so I think could be an exciting opportunity for these young women coming into our company to apply for and potentially be part of that program. I think it’s gonna make women feel valued and wanted in this industry. I know that it could be kind of scary as a women to be going into a program like this when the ratios are kind of off. There are very few women in engineering especially in certain disciplines like mechanical and mechatronics that if they had this opportunity to do the engineering and business degree not only would it encourage them to do the dual degree but it would encourage them to do engineering. We’re trying to make it affordable and we’re trying to create a job at the end so that there’s not only the opportunity for a career but you know a straight path to one at Linamar. I think having the double degree and Ivey is preparing me so much better than I thought I would to be a leader And I find that if I wasn’t a part of this double degree program. I wouldn’t have got that exposure I just finished a co-op this past year, and I was working on the sales team I was able to do a lot of the engineering stuff that they just didn’t have the knowledge for. It helps so much having experience like a co-op or an internship. It makes your knowledge that you’ve learned through the eight months so much more meaningful because you’re like oh like that what this is for. I’m really excited about the program and thrilled that Western is excited about it as well and I hope it’s the inspiration for other companies to do similar things. I think the more that we can do to bring engineering and business together at Western the better. I’m really proud my mom loves to give back. It’s awesome I think she’s instilled a spirit of giving back in a lot of people that she has led and I’m just really proud to be involved in it at all.