Kishouna Landais – WINNER: Culinary Arts Partial – 2017 #CulinaryVoice Scholarship Challenge

October 8, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hi my name is Kishouna Landais.
Growing up I had no one to show me that there was light within me. Despite how
difficult situations were I vividly remember my kitchen. My kitchen is where
I existed, where there was laughter, where memories were exchanged and where I
connected with people. It’s the first place I experienced love. I intend to use
my passion for cooking to educate underprivileged women. So many women like
myself get ignored or forgotten. I want to share with them the first place that
I felt acknowledged. I want to create a place where they feel safe to have a
voice. The Institute of Culinary Education can help me achieve my dreams
because it will provide me an opportunity to engage with an in-depth
global curriculum. Because ICE has small classroom settings I know my culinary
voice will matter. So please share this link and vote for me so that I can
embark on a new life of pursuing my culinary dream. I’m ready for my light
to shine and I know that I will achieve that at ICE.