Killing Fish  Schooling Fish, How I KILLED my Aquarium Fish…

Killing Fish Schooling Fish, How I KILLED my Aquarium Fish…

September 9, 2019 100 By Ronny Jaskolski

what up fish tank people
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how’s everybody doing I hope
you’re doing well so as you all know that are following me on both Instagram
and Facebook I’ve got a koi problem and yes I have a neon tetra problem the
aren’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook go ahead and do that now guys
so in the 220 my ultimate goal is to have a ton of neon tetras in there you
can see behind me here I got about three hundred neon tetras I got from our boys
and imperial tropicals that I’m getting ready to put in the 220 but today I want
to tell you a story about why they’re not going in there anytime soon but it’s
Sunday it’s schooling species Sunday I got not one but two species of schooling
fish to talk to you about the end of this but here it goes the other day I
went over to my boy Brian’s house at the end of the video I actually say I was
having a terrible day well here’s why the 220 was full of about a hundred neon
tetras I noticed a little bit of white spots on them now look neons are a
little bit more sensitive you see a little bit of white spots a little bit
it’s it happens you just got to take appropriate action so I call it a bright
bright I got this what would you do it we’re going to raise temps you guys I
bet your KH is low I checked my carbonate hardness KH is the amount of
calcium in the water it affects the buffering capacity when your KH is low
the buffering capacity or of your water allows for higher pH swings so when your
KH is low your pH can swing pH swings are terrible I don’t want to get too
into it but basically a pH of 7 which is neutral water versus a pH of 6 this pH
of 6 going down is 10 times more acidic than the pH of 7 so like a pH of 5 would
be 10 times more acidic than a pH of 6 and so on so anyway these pH swings are
bad for fish so I’m tripping out ayane on something all right first things
first we got to do a big water change so I go and I do about a 50% water change
on the fish I don’t think anything of it I know what I’m doing I use a lot of
dechlorinator I do the big water changes a couple of
hours later I look and I see one of my long fin plecos like
rough around looking not so hot I think huh that’s hot a little bit later I find
one of Mines to be awesome now is dead ancestress plecos from a man chuck
Brammer dead so i think sums up this is ruining my day alright why am i killing
fish i know what i’m doing here is what happened and let this be a lesson to you
all thursday night i go on i do my free live webinar on substrate you can click
the link and check that out it’s a nice long webinar entirely about substrate
when I get off the webinar I look at my phone
it has miss call twice from Brian than a text fish emergency please help okay I
will drop what I am doing 99.9 percent of the times to help Brian Campbell
straight up he’s my number one fish tank dude and I know a lot of fish tank
people I would love to help my column back I say what’s up he goes dude you’re
not gonna believe this the hospital tank that I set up at the central Baptist
Hospital is killing fish left and right I go dude
holy cow ET proceeds to tell me that the rainbows that he put in there were
gasping all of a sudden the demo so nigh Barb’s he had her gasping all of a
sudden and he ended up killing about half the fish in the tank some of the
other fish were fine the exact same thing and the the exact same thing that
the fish were doing in my aquarium okay so I thought all was me doing too big of
a water changes link sort of no it was our water folks we both had bad water
now look I’m upset the Brian killed fish obviously I’m upset on my own fish but I
do feel a little bit better about what’s going on in the water because it wasn’t
just me it was the water in the coming out of the tap in our in our city here
so my advice to you today if you can take away one thing from this whole
video is folks double triple quadruple the amounts of prime D core I’m using
this stuff fraction from our friends to continuum use a ton of it now be careful
that stuff does start attacking oxygen once it gets through all the chlorines
and chloramines but if you have well oxygenated water dose a ton of it
because you never know what’s going to be coming out of your tap water so that
was terrible fish tank fail I do feel little bit better than Brian killed fish
and he did as well knowing that it wasn’t us and it was the water coming on
tap but folks you got to protect yourself with that stuff and if anybody
knows if any good chlorine blocks or like inline systems to use please drop
me a comment so look I’m not trying to bring a downer video to you all on
Sunday it’s Sunday it’s schooling fish Sunday I got three under neon tetras
behind me here I want to correlate this back to what I just talked about these
suckers are out here for a reason one I want to make sure my water in Lexington
is better to the I got to make sure that the tank in the basement is cleaned up
so I got to go in there and do a bunch of water change everything before I have
these I’m slowly going to add any attempt but notice you’ll see right here
Pyaar cinder block now why are these tetris fine and the ones in the base or
not here’s the thing this cinder block is a big old cinder block it’s a bunch
of calcium in the cinder block is slowly being released into this I check the
cage on this tank because of this unsightly cinder block the cage in this
tank runs right around five dkh 78 KH or whatever in the reading which is perfect
for neon tape I’m they got lost one over my hair but my show tank my 220 that I
want to show you guys 300 neon tetras it has a locations had all kinds of
problems so go figure alright so let’s talk about some
schooling fish behind me here I’ve got three 300 neon tetras up in here in the
125 you can see I’ve got my boesemani I finally got the boesemani separated out
now here’s the thing I get asked about 50 times a day maybe 100 what type of
fish should I get Dustin everybody does this from beginner at least a lot of
people do and listen you do your tanks for you you’re watching Dustin’s
fishtanks I did this stuff for me y’all just get
to be watching this is how I like to do it okay so do you do your tanks but
here’s what’s up most people go to the pet store and they’re looking for fish
and they say oh those are cool but those are cool too and those are cool too and
they get two of those and two of those and two of those and two of those
just like the old story in the Bible where the guy what the god Moses gets a
warning from God that is going to be a big flood and grab two of each creature
put them on the ark and then release them later or whatever you know the
story of those so Noah’s Ark style of keeping fish you
get them home you got two of this tetra two of this tetra two of this core cat
two of that go blah blah blah and you got two I’m a firm believer I’d
rather see somebody even if it’s a five or a ten gallon I’d rather see you have
ten neon tetras in a ten gal and then like two rummy knows through this to of
that I just think it looks better here’s a couple points on it one when you’re
mixing fish there’s a good chance that there’s going to be a more dominant
species in the tank okay so that fish is just going to out-compete the other fish
for the food or whatever it’s also going to be more rambunctious so you’re not
going to get those more natural behaviors out of the fish okay the
probably going to out-compete them for food or they’re just going to make them
like more shy more skittish whatever and the third thing is when you have fish in
a better schooling environment of all one type of species that’s dependent on
the species you probably have a better chance of breeding them I’ve got plenty
more videos coming up about schooling fish as well as my continued avoiding
problem in a pretty sick of 75 involve you like what I’m doing subscribe drop