Joker And Batman Half Brothers ? | Breakdown In Hindi

October 21, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hello Super-Nation, Welcome to the 16th episode of Super breakdown by Superhero Academy This is Aditya Krishna Srivastava and One of the biggest mystery in Todd Phillips directed Joker movie was That whether Arthur Fleck was real son of Thomas Wayne or not? As it was claimed by his mother Penny Fleck in the film So let’s break it all down and see if there’s a possibility in which Joker and Batman could end up being half brothers But before we get started, here’s a spoiler warning for you all Okay, so in the movie Wayne and Alfred stated that this was not true And according to them Penny was delusional But actor Brett Cullen who played the role of Thomas Wayne said, Penny fleck worked for the Wayne’s 30 years before the events of this film But later Arthur finds out that his mother, Penny fleck adopted him At the time when she used to work for the Wayne enterprises Earlier in the film, Arthur’s’ mother Penny Fleck admitted That she had an affair with Thomas Wayne And that Arthur is Thomas Wayne’s son And this was one of the main reasons That she incessantly wrote letters to Thomas Wayne So that he could help them out financially Penny Fleck also revealed that she was made to sign some papers Requiring her silence over this matter At the end of the film, Arthur sees a photograph of his mother in her youth Which has inscribed in it, “Love your smile… T.W” This exact point can confirm Thomas Wayne and Penny Fleck’s affair But considering how unreliable Joker and his flight of fancies are This might just be his imagination In an recent interview with Hollywood Reporter Brett Cullen shared his thoughts about the character Thomas Wayne Cullen told that when he read about this in the script, he was flabbergasted After knowing all this he went to Todd and asked Are we really going to introduce this part in the movie? To which Todd responded Director Todd Philips used Thomas Wayne’s secret as a catalyst For Joker becoming Batman’s greatest adversary And Brett Cullen added Hopefully someday we’ll get to know the answer Which would certainly lend added faith to the notion That Arthur and Bruce are half bothers Till then comment down below and let us know That what are you thoughts on this Do you think Arthur was Thomas Wayne’s son? Or was he really adopted? For some superhero quotes, facts and news You can even follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest The link is added in the description below Don’t forget to Subscribe the channel and hit the bell icon So that you never miss a video by Superhero Academy Thank you for joining us This is me Aditya Krishna Srivastava signing off Stay Super, Stay Strong!