jaytech tries “EDUCATING” us on exclusives

October 7, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Has jaytech TV finally learned his lesson here’s a hint the answer’s no Hello everyone It’s me Vi the gaming dolphin of YouTube cutting through gaming misinformation Cuz the journalists sure won’t now the more observant members of my audience will notice. It’s gravity rush 2 a ps4 exclusive I’m playing in the background and the reason for this is well actually theres two reasons one I just happened to like the game and two if I can debunk jaytech TV playing a ps4 exclusive What does that say about him well let’s get started In today’s video we’re going to go over two different games Ghost of Tsushima Which is a sucker punch sony first-party ps4 exclusive? And we’re also going to be talking about nioh the complete edition What hey isn’t that the game that you said was never coming to PC Jay? was a ps4 third-party contract exclusive this game was contracted for a couple months To get the proper amount of sales and now the PC is getting the leftovers again no Jay We are getting the best version of the game as usual But you can’t see that you believe you’re somehow privileged for getting the game first But you weren’t you were just the game’s beta tester That’s the way it was for gta5 the PC players got the best version of the game That’s the way it’s gonna be for nioh, and that’s also the way. It’s gonna be for Final Fantasy 15 PC players get the best version of the game and Well you get what the game used to be before it came to us to make it easier for you to be like if you And I went out for pizza, but you demanded you get the pizza early so you got this Undercooked not fully finished pizza, and you eat it with a gusto, but I wait and I get the fully cooked perfect pizza That’s exactly what this is like Same way it’s gonna get to leftovers with monster hunter world and it’s getting the leftovers wolf in justice – yeah You keep telling yourself that Jay It seems like a lot of third party developers understand that consoles are gonna sell the games a lot more hence Why GTA 5 for the PC is still making rockstar money, and when you hype the game up on the? top-selling home console a Lot of us are gonna buy the game Because you’re buttering our biscuits buttering our biscuits Jay? really? So to speak, but the game Got announced the month ago for the PC I didn’t see people like Fritanga or rags or top hats and champagne or fringy make any video about this news implying that they have to It’s not my responsibility to do it then why are you doing it Jay? I mean it couldn’t be that you’re salty in trying to damage control after you said it would never come to the PC Right that couldn’t be the reason, but hey the games coming out next week I hope you guys support it and that’s the main difference between us And you Jay PC gamers don’t have to support any game thrown at us If a game runs like complete garbage on our system like Batman Arkham Knight Then we don’t have to support it we can refuse to buy it until it’s fixed However, if a game comes to your system, and it runs like crap well Then you pretty much have to support it the console makers know that you will support Whatever they give you even if they fix it years after the fact It’s on Steam right now. You can go pre-order I would never advise that you preorder a game unless you really trust the developer to deliver a good solid Experience and even then I’d still be weary for me personally I’m not even going to think of purchasing neo until digital foundry makes a video on it. It’s by a third-party developer I’m have the link in the description so you can educate yourself on what’s going on believe me Jay We are far more capable of doing research than you are this third party developers based in Japan so you can understand Why it got that exclusive deal so easily for the ps4 timed Exclusive deal you mean and with that being said The reason why we have to talk about this game Compared to this game is because they’re they’re both set in Japan on an island one’s open world however one is like a Dark Souls style, and how is any of this relevant jay? But this one’s been in development for three and a half years by a well-known first party developer, and everybody’s been it just excited about this game This game had a petition that appears to have worked I can see why you’d be salty about that Jay Right it closed after 18 thousand signatures And this game has a petition the weirdest thing about this one No um The game just got announced today and It already has a petition for it to go to PC Yeah, so however if you go look at Wikipedia Or if you know anything about gaming at all you would understand the sucker punch has been owned by Sony Since 2000 yeah, so what gravity rush was made by SIE Doesn’t mean I can’t want it to come to PC I won’t hold my breath on it happening, but I can still hope for it. That’s not a crime ah there that’s First party Sony exclusive Studio right here well. That’s just human nature for you J. People are irrational beings Just like a certain someone on YouTube that once said if you’re a gamer on YouTube But you’re more concerned with views you’re not really a gamer. You don’t care about helping people In spite of the fact. I don’t see how you can really help people if you don’t get a lot of views Who was that I wonder who was that no, no, we’re here for views. Yes, and I want everybody to understand that Exactly. What’s wrong with okay? What’s wrong with that if the leaders? What’s wrong with being here first. I became I’m not a gamer Though I I have no problem with you. I’m just I’m for gaming No, no no no no, bro. You’re not here for gaming. I’m here for gaming. You’re not here for gaming I’m here for gaming and views! Damn it I just can’t remember who it was that said that well if you guys remember it make sure to comment below That’s I mean. I don’t know I have really I Really, don’t even know how else to break it down to you guys. You could just end the video Jay? That will be a start. I mean it’s it’s a first party Sony studio That means this games not going anywhere else Afraid so guys. We’ll just have to wait till the ps4 emulator is released then we can play it at higher frame rates and resolutions however when it comes to this It was made by a native Japanese studio And you know they were good a favor Ps4 over any other platform especially for a brand new IP and they did it stayed exclusive to the ps4 For a good amount of months now the complete edition as you can see right here on Steam is Going to the PC so you admit that we get the best version of the game Jay glad we agree It’s only up to the PC gamers if they’re actually gonna support it as much as the ps4 gamers Here’s what happens if we don’t support it Jay Nothing the PC market will still go strong as it always has because we have so many more options than you do If nioh is indeed the great game It promises to be and it runs well on the PC, then I will happily purchase it But of course you can understand that thinking Jay because you are a console peasant if an exclusive comes to your system Regardless of how good or bad it is you must purchase it to keep your system alive if the exclusive comes to the PC We don’t have to purchase it because there’s so many options out there and the PC platform wouldn’t die without Exclusives it would still have so many other features like upgrade ability Mod ability and many more having access to nioh as well as just a bonus for us really, but I would hope they do Because I’m pretty sure the developers that made nioh or keeping track of all the sales that the PC gamers Produce implying that if they make a terrible game no one wants to play and they don’t make another game It’s our fault? So good luck with that Proving me wrong believe me Jay proving you wrong is not a very big accomplishment in this community I know you won’t just like you knew niohwas not coming to the PC so much that you made an entire video about it and then Deleted it but good luck This is the very first Twitter post of somebody begging someone asking if a game will be on multiple platforms, or just one oh the Agony For the brand new sucker punch title it says Will ghost of Tet some ghost of Tsushima Jay Not ghost of tetsuma the TSU it makes the SU sound I don’t usually like correcting people like that But if you are indeed a fan of Japanese games as you proclaim to be I’d hope you know that Be on PC as well, or is it a ps4 exclusive now once again, it seems like PC fans have no concept of exclusives what type of Exclusives exists all that says Jay. He didn’t do his research. He asked on Twitter when he could have just easily asked Google instead um Exclusive first party developers third party developers they have no clue They just if it’s not announced for their platform The same day with special treatment care define what that special treatment is J. They’re gonna be begging and crying Well, I guess so Jay will be begging and crying just like that guy on Twitter who begged for Mario Plus rabbit’s kingdom battle Who is that again? I forget his name comment below if you remember who it was just like little brats Yeah, because real gamers pay tons of money just to get access to a few games don’t they Jay Ah, and that’s just something I have to grow accustomed to you know that day one when we get an exclusive announcement There’s going to be a change.org petition There’s going to be little crybabies on Twitter begging for our games, and they’ll always be pieces of shit Just like you Jay happy that you can have it while others And yes, I get that exclusives are necessary evil required to sell consoles, but it doesn’t mean I like it I prefer consoles be sold more on features than just exclusive games Which I’m feeling we’re starting to get more with the Nintendo switch But we’ll have to wait and see it’s just something I have to get used to oh poor Jay Tech TV we should all have sympathy for him Well, thanks for sitting through that everyone before I end the video I want to ask would anyone mind if I were to play any ps4 are really just any more console exclusives on this channel Because while I am a member of the masterrace. That’s not gonna change. I’m still primarily on PC I do like to play those games from time to time But I don’t want it to come off the wrong way to my audience, so I’ll let you vote There’ll be a poll in the top right corner, and I will respect your wishes on that Well, thank you for watching everyone make sure to comment down below And if you’re new to this channel make sure to subscribe Follow me on Twitter and join my discord, and I look forward to seeing you