James Seah gets schooled by Joanne Peh & Qi Yu Wu!

October 17, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

Hi, my name is James Seah And I’m acting as Seng in the movie, 1965 My most memorable scene in the movie is where There’s a scene between brothers Between the brothers, me and Yu Wu-brother So, it is a very important scene for the brothers And I remember at that scene Before they were going to film my close up He sat me down and told me “James” “This is your scene” “This is your time to perform” “You better grab this opportunity” So right there and then I really felt that he really became an elder brother to me And after he said all those When I filmed those scenes It really helped me and the emotions just poured out My love interest in the movie is Joanne Peh So it’s like, woah! At the start, it was like “Woah, my god, it’s going to be Joanne Peh!” So Definitely there was pressure there So I had to breakthrough that point To be able to see her as a love interest And be able to perform So everybody, please do catch 1965 the movie On 30th July in theaters all around So remember to catch it You are in for a great time