“Islamic Scholars Make Mistakes”- Abu [Sept 2019]

September 19, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

[Music] how are you hello do you like to cover before you start now I think I’m done with coughing now okay what do you think about what we are saying now so what what were we talking about go to your prophet saying if you see Christians in the street you have to heard them from what I understand is that um there’s a context to that Adi what is the current tax for that I think I think it was the Prophet was going to worried them no that’s okay what is the tribe with what is the Christian tribe the Prophet he went with war to in Arabian Peninsula can you name one for me which one he says if you meet them in the street what war you meet them in the street you meet your enemy in war in the street I mean have you ever heard of a stupid answer like this before see he was not and he is in your city in your town when you’re sweet that’s why he was we say that he was not at war with all the Christians in the gym but he said he was he he said I said suffer see he if he said if you see the people at the book he didn’t say if you see this guy you say if you see Christian friends you say if you see the book this is actually um this actually reminds me of Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked the us see how did the u.s. respond Bono is saying the Holy Prophet is an idiot like the American at that time it was not easy see it was it was precaution but they were they let me say look it is not good not in India listen listen he is saying to them don’t sell peace which means those people they will say peace to you so you cannot say peace to them so he is the mohammad is the one who is making the situation bad he said don’t say peace to them which mean they cannot give them peace and now I’ll call you that you have to earn them okay let me just finish what I just said you you interrupted me what the u.s. what did was they put all these japanese-americans in one place you know that was that was their strategy they didn’t they they were not at war with those japanese-americans but they were you know being cautious you know just in case you know these japanese-americans became you know traitors and that’s and what movie the one who actually less than is the one who yell I met the right that he teaching Muslims to hurt us as a Christians just for walking in the street we are not doing anything well just people walking in the street how did you see there’s no way okay now let me talk okay um see what Muhammad commanded us to do was less was less was now what was less bad than what the Americans did see the Americans the Americans put them in a concentration camp but the Prophet let them live roam around Medina and Mecca and wherever they wanted well he didn’t well you know only if they did he let them live is that if they pay him right what they let him live if he if they pay him yeah sure so your profit you saw that he don’t fight the Christians he hid them but because they pay him money he will let them live right yeah yeah sure so you any say your prophet is a fraud he’s not a prophet because a prophet either he is doing for going out letting me explain or explain already you just say what you just said if you pay you live if you don’t pay you die did you say that all right okay so what kind of a prophet he accept me to worship someone beside God just because I paid him because I bribe him so now you’re talking about a different topic no it’s not different topic okay let us say let us say I have let us say somebody let us say somebody had some garbage in the front of his house and you are the guy who worked for the city to be sure the street is a clean you walk in the front of his house you see that he have some something wrong and because he is doing something wrong you have to give him a ticket but the guy give you money that’s because you give your money you say okay you can keep it practice as you wish no problem that is a practice of a fraud if your profit was a profit he will not accept the Christians to do that because they pay him okay I don’t see anything wrong with that so you are saying that the one who take money and let people practice wrong he is not a fraud what do you mean practice up I mean we pay promises according this is not that justice is not not Texas the Quran says you have to humiliate them and this is part of it not only you force them to pay you have to humiliate them on you see them in the road you have to spit in their face that’s not true anyway okay no don’t tell me anyway although insisting this is not humiliating them by you know making them pay this is not a true you force them to change their direction from the road you spit in their face you are not allowed to elevate the Christians yes oh no I’m not allowed to way elevate to honor to respect no that’s not right may work commanded to do good with them where in the Quran mmm and the Quran huh so what this Muhammad he is saying to us know if you see Christians force them to walk in the sewage what is that Mohammed are you saying to me Muhammad he broke the command of Allah again again that hobby is talking about a specific context okay read for me chapter 9 verse 29 hmm well show it to me hmm you want to cut before you start read over you wanna cuff later I’ll cough later okay here we go read it I can’t see wait I can’t see it where to the front of a book all right I don’t see it it’s to take time say inshallah inshallah if you say insha’Allah you were seeing oh and there it is okay okay where is it so in front of you read it this is chapter 9 verse 29 you’re still scrolling okay I think you’re using the Internet of the neighbors this is why so slow okay fight against those who believe not in Allah nor in the last day nor for been that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger hmm this is saying you have you have to feel themselves subdued and emulated and yeah positioner to the pipe a addition no I have not today a man at the shelter defame in Aitkin let me get you saw stirred okay let me let me excuse me let me get your bus is that okay can we do that okay let us go and see what your scholars they say your scars are not comprised right color is the key and why do you keep going back to scholar whatever we do all those are you are always right also discuss our lawyers now scholars make mistakes but the scholars are not reporting there own opinion here they are reporting for us a story here we see if Nick is here he says because of that the again you’re talking about a blue Kathy or not talking about it Nicholson I’m not I’m not talking about him you can see or read carefully with me a within the screen here we go this is what the Caliphate they did because of Mohammed order Bingham Jie Jie is a sign of gopher and disagrees do you see it in the screen now I have to refresh the menu so slightly in Jie Jie is a sign of coffer and His grace until they pay the jizya if they do not choose to embrace Islam and feel themselves subdued disgraced him URI ated you see it there for the Muslims are not allowed to honor the people of the dim management equation the Jews will evade them above the Muslims oh because for the are miserable this degree stimulated Muslim recorded that the Prophet said don’t initiates allowed to the Jews and the Christians and if you meet them in their hole forced them to the most nervous la this is why the leader of the faithful Omaha table there he did the man the will known conditioned by met by the Christians there was condition to ensure their him you can tell you him Eurasian the the aggression well your light was it’s in front of you while you are lying I can you are talking about Tessier this is not deaf singer this is what you must him did to us now it is touched here this is the time this is the pact of Omar the part of Omar and is saying to you home are he did that because the Prophet he insists that we should continue to humiliate them yes by paying the Jie Jie no you have to come to humiliation additional to the juicier you have to humiliate them look they have to shave the front of their head if they were nowhere across it has to be many kilograms they cannot ring the bells of their church a Muslim can sleep in a house of a Christian for this for three nights for free read it see where do you get that it’s an amount of levels you can see this is shut up you idiot what I get this comes from I mean it’s it’s easier to won the lotto before you can win a smart Muslim Pepsi or whatever this is the book this is a book talking about the fact of all Mars this is what the Muslim did and the Muslim they claim that Omer was the most justice person after the Prophet