IOP Teacher Training Scholarships – why should you apply?

October 20, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

The data handling master class used
equipment that I’d never seen before, it got me thinking a lot about bringing
technology into the classroom. Pupils now all have mobile phones so getting them to use those make science seem a bit more real and not so abstract in the
lesson. Definitely go for this even if you think it’s been too long since you did physics or you haven’t got the background and they’re looking for the
right people, you can relearn the physics and the support you get and the value
that you can bring is great so absolutely go for it. Here’s me at the
end of my 40 year career thinking about the next generation and actually to be
perfectly honest it’s more fun even than teaching sixth-formers passing that
baton on, that fun of physics is just incredible. I attended one at Highgate
school which was excellent it was run by physics specialists and ex-physics
teachers and they gave me really good ways to look at things that I was
already teaching but didn’t really have any exciting ways to teach them and
I could quite quickly then transfer them straight into the classroom. I went to a
meeting about getting girls into physics A level which was really useful and I
think really important. We’re looking for applicants who are excited about inspiring the next generation of physicists. We welcome applications from
career changers, final year students and recent graduates. As a scholar you will
have free access to the wealth of resources and supports that the
institute of physics has an offer for you to share your passion