IMPACT LEARNING: Librarians at the Forefront on Change in Higher Education

October 11, 2019 0 By Ronny Jaskolski

My book, “Impact Learning: Librarians at
the Forefront of Change in Higher Education,” lays out this pedagogic model,
“informed learning,” which really is, focuses on, or highlights, the ways in which we we use information as we learn, and as a pedagogic model, so what teachers and what librarians can work with teachers to do is to sort of draw out the ways in
which students use information within the learning environment, so within the
classroom, and then also make them aware of how they’re doing that as
they learn about whatever they’re learning about about history or
chemistry or whatever it is they’re learning in the classroom.
Part two, takes the way we’ve used that model here at Purdue in the Impact
program, and in that program, academic librarians and other other folks from
other units work with instructors to redesign courses. And so,
first I sort of lay out what that program is, and how it works, and then
talk about different things that the librarians have done and learned from experience of working with the program, so we’ve taken a very sort of
coaching model in which we work with those faculty and we talk about having
shared goals for learning. There’s different ways in which faculty go about
having their students use information and learn to use it, in order to learn
the subject matter. And as librarians, we can really think about, you know, so, “what is this person really trying to do with their students, what
are they trying to get them to learn,” and how can we then suggest they use information in different ways to get there? So, I think the book
presents the ways in which academic libraries are really making a difference, certainly using Purdue as an example, (on our campus), and the ways in which they can make a difference at their own campuses by really bringing
the things that they’re interested in as librarians, as teachers, as
educators, into the conversation of student learning.